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Document Center of Excellence Best Practice #3 – Integrate Design and Delivery

BY Ed Worsfold

No matter what business you are in, you can bet that documents drive the fundamental functions that make your company run. Whether you’re in financial services, insurance, health care or utilities, or any other industry vertical, documents are essential to communicate, connect and propel your organization forward.  But it can be difficult to maximize your communications without the right organizational focus, expertise and strategic approach. This is part three in a series of articles examining best practices companies can use to build a Document Center of Excellence. This time we focus on integrating “design” and “delivery.”

An Integrated Approach

One of the great benefits of a DCOE is found by adopting a more integrated approach to documents and customer communication. This integration must begin with a mindset that marries both design and delivery.

Design refers to the aesthetic appearance of each document, the content it contains, and the color and graphic elements that propel the message.

Delivery refers to the functionality of each document. How is it delivered and used. How well does it perform, and how well does it inspire a call to action?

Carefully considering these elements is essential in order to realize the full communication potential of your documents.  A DCOE should encourage members, stakeholders and process owners to regard form and function not as two separate ideas or constructs, but instead as a powerful way to harmonize the needs of both document design and delivery.

Customer Experience

Every business needs to ensure that customers are happy and that they keep coming back for more. As a result, there’s a new mantra pervading business today: communication innovation.  One way to do that is through personalized communications that contain relevant content and successfully embrace both design and delivery. Your documents need to look good and propel your message while being delivered in ways that inspire a call to action and superior customer experience.

Communicate and Innovate

Organizations from all industries face increasing pressure to contain costs while finding new and more profitable ways to reach and retain customers. At Messagepoint, we understand the need to integrate and innovate and bring the right technologies and people together to make it happen. We hope this series of articles will help you establish a Document Center of Excellence team that will make a difference in the performance of your organization. 

Next up – “DCOE Best Practice #4 – Focus on Customer Experience

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