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DCOE Best Practice #4 – Focus on Customer Experience

BY Ed Worsfold

There is a lot of talk about “customer experience” these days, and for good reason. It costs six to seven times more to sell to a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one, so it makes sense to focus on optimizing your relationships with your best customers…the ones you already have. But it can be difficult to manage customer experience without the right strategic focus and approach. This is part four in a series of articles examining best practices companies can use to build a Document Center of Excellence. This time we focus on how a DCOE can help create documents that inspire a superior customer experience.

An Opportunity to Excel

Organizations can spend millions to attract new customers and reach new markets only to lose brand loyalty as a result of documents that serve to erode customer experience once they are on board. Many companies continue to print and mail, month after month, a host of invoices, statements and disclosures that don’t look much different from those produced 30 years ago. But these documents function as a powerful touch points with direct influence on the experience customers have with a company and their brand loyalty over time. By adopting a DCOE organizations are in a better position to recognize performance gaps and opportunities to improve customer experience. Instead of planning strategies and investing in technology in isolation, a DCOE ensures a more holistic approach to customer experience management.

Your Best Customers

Are you so intently focused on lead generation and customer acquisition that you are ignoring your current customers? Many customers feel ignored because of a lack of care and thoughtfulness put into common customer-facing documents. Every business needs to keep existing customers coming back for more. One way to do that is through personalized communications that contain relevant content, attentive design, and have specific and targeted campaign objectives in mind. A DCOE ensures that your documents propel your message in meaningful ways that inspire call to action and superior customer experience.

Superior Customer Experience

In today’s increasingly fast-paced, info-intensive marketplace, companies are under increasing pressure to find new and more profitable ways to reach and retain customers. At Messagepoint, we understand how common business documents drive superior customer experience, and the need to integrate both systems and strategies to make it happen. We hope this series of articles will help you establish a Document Center of Excellence team that will make a difference in the performance of your organization.

Next up: DCOE Best Practice #5 – Empower Business Stakeholders

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