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Putting business users in the driver’s seat

Stop waiting on IT or third-party service providers to make updates to your correspondence, statements, emails, and promotions. Messagepoint puts content creation, edits, and updates in the hands of the content owners, so you can achieve the agility you have always dreamed of and get communications out the door faster.

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How Messagepoint can help

Control the communications lifecycle

Accelerate the process of creating and updating communications by managing not just the content, but also targeting rules, content variations, templates, proofing, and testing.

Ensure you’re always in compliance

Eliminate redundant content edits and create a single point of change for regulatory disclosures to ensure consistency and compliance.

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Collaborate with all stakeholders

Embedded workflow and powerful QA capabilities enable collaboration across content creation teams, legal, and compliance to ensure the right stakeholders can update, review, and approve content as required.

Control and reuse content across channels

Sophisticated content sharing capabilities enable you to centrally manage and reuse across touchpoints and channels. Packaged integrations and APIs ensure your content gets to where you need it to go.

Make it personal

Make it personal

Harness the power of advanced personalization options that make it easy to target the right content to your audience and hit the right mark – every time.

Optimize content with AI

Effortlessly improve the clarity and consistency of your communications using AI-powered Assisted Authoring. Automatic issue identification and suggested content rewrites enable you to analyze, optimize, and translate your content faster than ever before.


Messagepoint empowers your content authors with hands-on control over creating, editing, and managing content and rules, so you can get your communications out the door faster than ever before.

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