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Messagepoint Connected

Optimize customer experiences by empowering front-office teams with omni-channel customer communications that are managed in Messagepoint.


Empower customer-facing teams with 1:1 personalization

Delivering optimal customer experiences today relies on equipping your front-office teams with the tools they need to respond to customers with the right information, at the right time.

Messagepoint Connected has the power to do just that.

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Empower your
front-office teams.

Messagepoint Connected enables your sales, customer service representatives, agents and partners to quickly and easily respond to customers with the approved print and digital communications managed in Messagepoint.

Omni-Channel Customer Communications

Get centralized control.

By leveraging documents and communications created and managed within the Messagepoint content hub, your teams can always rest assured that they are sending the right communication to your customers.

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Elevate the customer experience through relevancy and personalization.

By sending targeted communications your teams can truly fulfill that one-to-one experience that reduces customer turnover and enables upselling and cross-selling that in turn generates more revenue for your organization. Communications can be sent with personalized images, offers, notes and messages based on specific customer demographics, needs and interest, pre-set in a controlled editing experience.

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Edit with real-time proofing.

Your teams update communications with a WYSIWYG like experience in real-time to accelerate the editing process. Final proofs can be generated on-demand, along with data-driven tests and full production simulations so you’re always confident the message being sent looks exactly as it should.

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Work from your customer management systems.

Using our integration to Salesforce Sales Cloud or by integrating to another customer management system using our Portal Integration Kit, your teams can kick off their communication request from portals they’re already working in. Messagepoint Connected leverages the data from these systems to drive personalization and ensure your customer data stays exactly where you want it.

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Optimize your content.

Messagepoint’s new Assisted Authoring capabilities enable you to create better, more consistent and compliant content. Powered by the Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine, MARCIE, these capabilities:

• Identify duplicate and similar content that already exists so you can reuse what’s already there for increased consistency and efficiency

• Identify the sentiment of your messages so that you can evoke the right emotions from your customers to positively and consistently impact the customer experience across all channels

• Identify the reading comprehension level of every message using Flesch and Flesch-Kincaid scoring to ensure communications are in compliance

• Identify violations of the guidelines established in your customizable brand profile

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Send communications how your customers want to receive them.

Ensure that you send communications through the channels preferred by your customers. With
omni-channel communication support, Messagepoint Connected can deliver messages directly via digital and print channels.

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Control on-demand or batch jobs with custom workflows.

Whether your team needs to send one-off correspondence on-demand or generate a high-volume batch job, they can easily request and send personalized, error-free, on-brand and compliant correspondence and materials. Configurable workflows are available so you can add required approvals where needed.

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Ensure regulatory compliance and accurate communications.

By equipping teams with Messagepoint Connected, you can reduce risk by ensuring only approved documents and correspondence are sent out. Messagepoint’s intelligent content management capabilities make it easy to ensure that documents contain the latest, correct legal language so that you’re never out of compliance.

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Track your customer communications.

Messagepoint Connected logs orders and enables you to see all requests in your customer management portal, like Salesforce, so you know what communications were requested and when.

Let us prove it to you.

Messagepoint can solve your most complex communications problems. Sound too good to be true? You owe it to yourself to investigate further.

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Messagepoint Connected

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