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The future of customer communications is MARCIE

MARCIE is our AI-powered Content Intelligence engine enabling better content and better content management.

MARCIE is Messagepoint’s Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine

Imagine the power of having an intelligent assistant to help you migrate, optimize, author, translate, and manage your customer communications.  An assistant that makes it easy to create consistent, personalized, and relevant customer experiences across all channels and platforms.

That’s the power of MARCIE.

Introducing MARCIE

Messagepoint’s Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine

MARCIE harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to intelligently ingest, optimize, author, translate, and manage the critical content that is the foundation of your customer communications.

MARCIE - Messagepoint Rationalizer Dashboard screenshot MARCIE - Messagepoint Rationalizer Dashboard screenshot MARCIE - Messagepoint Rationalizer Dashboard screenshot


Most organizations strive to create exceptional omni-channel customer experiences that deliver on their brand promise, inspiring loyalty and, in turn, a better bottom line.  The single biggest obstacle faced in achieving this goal is the ability to manage an unprecedented amount of content that is locked up in various files, documents, and templates across a growing inventory of customer communications channels and technologies.  Organizations waste precious resources managing disparate systems and modifying and re-authoring messages until the customer experience itself is fragmented, out of compliance, and brand equity is destroyed.

Messagepoint is the next generation of customer communications management solutions.  We put content at the center of your communications by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to understand your content and help you create more consistent, compliant, and relevant content while managing it more efficiently and effectively.


Content rewrites powered by Generative AI

MARCIE’s Assisted Authoring capabilities are enhanced by generative AI so that you can quickly, easily, and safely optimize your content with AI-generated suggested rewrites that align your content with ISO plain language standards as well as desired Flesch-Kincaid reading levels, sentiment, and length. Assisted Authoring also supports translation into over 80 languages from within Messagepoint. MARCIE’s generative AI integrations are governed by enterprise-grade controls so that you can safely optimize your content faster, while still retaining complete control over the outgoing message.


MARCIE knows content

MARCIE adds the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI to Messagepoint, enabling you to intelligently ingest, optimize, author, translate and manage the critical content that is the foundation of your customer communications. Powering Content Intelligence capabilities across the Messagepoint platform and Rationalizer, MARCIE:


Translates content with the click of a button.

Improve translation speed by leveraging AI to accurately translate your content into over 80 languages. Messagepoint also enables you to store and manage different versions of content for different languages within the same touchpoint, which makes it efficient and easy for you to manage the process of communicating with your customers in their preferred language.


Streamlines communications management by consolidating duplicate and similar content.

MARCIE finds duplicate and similar content, providing opportunities to consolidate messages for greater efficiency in managing communications through more effective use of Messagepoint’s advanced content sharing capabilities.


Ensures consistency and compliance with brand standards.

MARCIE knows and respects your brand. For every communication and message, the engine intelligently identifies elements that are out of compliance to ensure consistency across all communications and channels.


Drives customer understanding with plain language.

Align to the ISO plain language standard to ensure clearer communications while preserving intended meaning. Optimizations may include using familiar words, avoiding jargon and acronyms, using clear and concise language, ordering content so that important points are made first, and using consistent headings to help introduce what comes next.


Optimizes readability to reach more customers

By analyzing your content using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scoring you can easily spot content reading levels that are too high for your customers. Request content rewrite suggestions that preserve meaning but revises content to a more accessible level.


Ensures the right sentiment is communicated, always.

Identify the sentiment of your content so that you can evoke the right emotion and response from your audience. Request suggestions for content rewrites that preserve the meaning of the content, but convey a more appropriate sentiment so that you can more persuasively connect with your audience.

Optimize Length3

Optimizes content length without compromising meaning.

Request summarized content of a specified length that preserves the original meaning to accelerate the creation of content for reuse across touchpoints and channels. This is crucial for digital channels like email, SMS or mobile apps which require shorter form communication, and whose users have a shortened attention span.

Let us prove it to you.

Messagepoint can solve your most complex communications problems. See for yourself why so many industry leaders rely on us every day.

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