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How AI-driven Content Intelligence Can Improve the Customer Experience

BY Steve Biancaniello

Most organizations today are scrutinizing every dimension of their customer communications for the potential to enhance the customer experience. Optimizing the content in those communications represents one area in which many are falling behind customer expectations. This is particularly true in heavily regulated industries, such as financial services, insurance and healthcare, where the content requires collaboration from a variety of stakeholders across an organization and making any change is a complex undertaking.  Not only does the challenge of cross-team collaboration slow down the process, but the content that is the foundation of the customer experience is trapped in various documents, files and legacy systems spread through an organization. This has only worsened over time, especially as digital communications and systems have been adopted and set up in operational and organization silos. This lack of content integration, centralization and optimization threatens key drivers of a positive customer experience and loyalty including brand alignment and consistency.

Consider your own organization. Are your communications being written at an appropriate reading level not only for better customer experience but also for compliance? Do they convey the appropriate sentiment? Are brand standards being consistently incorporated to build trust and loyalty and to retain customers? Have you consolidated duplicate and similar content to make it both easier to manage and promote messaging consistency across your corpus of communications? Asking such questions to realize the goal of enabling better content is imperative if you have a laser focus on improving your customers’ experience.

Enter the need for a new breed of solution called Content Intelligence, which applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make content more manageable, improve its quality and enhance its performance. When incorporated into a centralized customer communications management (CCM) platform, these powerful capabilities can help automate and simplify the process of migrating, optimizing, authoring and managing complex customer communications. Some key areas to apply Content Intelligence include:

  • Consolidating similar and duplicate content. An AI-powered Content Intelligence engine can analyze your massive library of existing customer messages to identify opportunities to consolidate duplicate and similar content for greater efficiency in managing, changing and authoring communications, as well as, greater consistency in messaging. To do this manually is incredibly resource and time consuming, not to mention prone to errors.
  • Ensuring consistency and compliance with brand standards. AI can identify elements of content that are out of compliance with an organization’s brand standards to ensure consistency across all communications and channels.
  • Communicating with customers at the appropriate reading level. When dealing with the public, it’s critical to ensure communications are at the appropriate reading level.  Using analytics to automatically assess the reading comprehension level of every message, and then have it alert you when you are out of alignment with the target readability profile for a certain type of customer touchpoint is key.
  • Expressing the right sentiment in every communication. AI can help you assess and ensure you evoke the right feelings and emotions to positively impact the customer experience, especially when authoring more complex communications or those that would traditionally be seen as negative, such as declinations.

AI-powered Content Intelligence can be extremely powerful when rationalizing or cleaning up a library of communications and when authoring new communications. By automating the more challenging tasks, such as identifying inconsistencies and violations of standards and offering options for improvement, the technology acts as an incredibly intelligent and efficient assistant. Imagine being notified that the content you are starting to author already exists. And that the system can enable you to leverage that existing content so you don’t create a duplicate (or off-message similar piece) and consistency is maintained. Enterprises can also leverage these AI-powered systems to enforce brand standards and readability profiles, which can be varied to accommodate different targeted audiences. AI-powered CCM also clears the way for more advanced personalization of messages, fueling relevancy.

Too often, organizations waste precious resources managing disparate communications systems and modifying and re-authoring messages over and over, fragmenting the customer experience. This is the inevitable result of not having a centralized platform for managing both content and communications across print and various digital channels. Modern CCM solutions enable you to put the focus onto the content—how it is managed, authored, shared and changed in order to improve the quality of not just your communications, but the customer experience as well. These platforms also integrate with key digital communications systems to enable you to take advantage of modern channels, without having to create operational silos. When evaluating solutions, it’s key to look for a CCM platform that has AI and machine learning embedded into the fabric of the solution, rather than leveraging a bolted-on or separate capability. This will not only enable you to take your communications to the next level, but will provide a much faster, simpler and less costly way to take advantage of the power of AI.

Employing Content Intelligence capabilities for customer communications is an effective way to vastly improve the customer experience by enabling your business to more efficiently manage and re-use content, institute advanced personalization, and maintain brand and messaging alignment across all communications channels. As soon as you can, leverage the power of AI in your customer communication processes. A whole new seamless communication world awaits you, and so do happier customers.


Article adapted from an article originally published by Document Strategy

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