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Take complete control of your correspondence.

Managing large inventories of hundreds or thousands of letters, email templates, and SMS messages is a challenge. Legacy systems make it difficult to ensure compliance and control quality across your corpus of communications – all the while requiring slow, manual and tedious change cycles. But there is another way.

Pritned letter and email on a phone Pritned letter and email on a phone

How Messagepoint can help

Clean up

Migrate and optimize your communications.

Messagepoint Rationalizer accelerates the migration of content to modern platforms while cleaning up your content to eliminate inconsistencies and optimize it for reading levels, sentiment and brand alignment.


Accelerate authoring and changes while ensuring compliance.

Empower business users with intelligent content management capabilities that enable sophisticated content sharing and re-use across touchpoints and channels to accelerate both authoring and change cycles.

Consistent experience

Maintain a consistent customer experience.

With master templates that share content down to variants, it’s easy to make changes to content across communications to ensure a consistent customer experience. It also eliminates the redundant work of managing hundreds of duplicated templates.

Make it personal

Make it personal.

Harness the power of advanced personalization options that make it easy to target the right content to your audience and hit the right mark – every time. Add Messagepoint Connected to enable customer-facing teams to achieve one-to-one personalized with controlled editing experiences.


Get to digital faster.

Omni-channel touchpoints make communicating with your customers through to their channel of choice easy. Content sharing ensures a consistent experience across all channels automatically and efficiently.


Stay in compliance.

Create a centralized, single point of control for regulatory content and disclosures shared across touchpoints to ensure every communication has the right information and is up to date.

eBook – Top 10 Must-Have Capabilities of a Next Generation Correspondence Management System

Explore the top 10 characteristics that modern correspondence management systems should have to meet customer expectations today and in the future.

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