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Giving developers access to the content they need

Messagepoint’s headless CCM capabilities give you access to the personalized content you need to power today’s digital customer experiences. Our modular content management approach abstracts re-usable content components from the presentation layer, so that content is easily shared to any modern digital endpoint including your mobile app, Web page, messaging apps, or chatbot, IVR/IVA.  By leveraging a centralized, intelligent content hub, you eliminate the need to duplicate and redundantly manage content across the different systems and channels – reducing time, money, and ongoing complexity.

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How Messagepoint can help

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Access content via RESTful APIs

Messagepoint’s RESTful APIs enable your content to be shared across digital endpoints using HTML or JSON formats giving you the flexibility you need to meet the requirements of your digital endpoints.

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Encryption in transit, encryption at rest

With Messagepoint, your data is always secure. Production Manager also uses Zero Trust Model security principles, meaning that security and integrity of every device, node, and activity involved in production is validated at each stage of the process.

Make it personal

Get personal with your digital experiences

Our headless CCM capabilities enable you to leverage targeting and variable data to deliver relevant, personalized digital experiences.

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Get the scalability, speed, and performance you need

Messagepoint provides a highly scalable, fault-tolerant environment that enables you to dynamically add additional resources to meet your requirements as your processing needs change.

Headless CCM

Messagepoint’s headless CCM capabilities enable you to leverage the same rich content managed in our intelligent content hub to deliver relevant, personalized, and responsive digital experiences.

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