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Gain complete control over regulatory updates.

Most organizations struggle with insufficient control over regulatory content due to outdated systems, manual processes, and an ever-increasing frequency of changes. Updating hundreds of documents and templates manually is a costly, time-consuming, and error-prone task that introduces significant risks, including fines and damage to your brand. All that can change with intelligent content management that enables you to easily and consistently manage regulatory disclosures across all channels.

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Regulatory Disclosures Regulatory Disclosures

How Messagepoint can help


Centralize your disclosures content to reduce risk.

A single, centralized content hub with intelligent content sharing enables you to create a piece of regulatory content and re-use it across all relevant communications and channels. This dramatically reduces compliance risk, change cycles, and costs by giving you a single point of control for creating and updating content.


Reduce costs by empowering business users.

By using Messagepoint, your business users and content authors can make the change directly without having to rely on IT or print service providers. This not only reduces the time to make the change, but also reduces costs and risks by reducing the number of stakeholders involved in the process.


A single change, easily applied to all your content.

Gain complete control over your regulatory disclosures by unifying and managing your content – simply and efficiently – in Messagepoint.


Accelerate change management and proofing.

When you update shared content, it automatically cascades to all communications using that content, across all channels. You can also quickly proof the change from within the system and view it in any communication without involving IT. This eliminates hours of manual work, human error, and back-and-forth between teams.


Simplify and streamline approvals.

Our cloud-based workflow is convenient and easy to access. Approvers gain instant visibility and insight to ensure content is delivered accurately and consistently.

Infographic - Making it simple to navigate the complexity of regulated content

Cut your time by 70% and apply changes with 100% accuracy.

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