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Customer Stories

How a large Canadian bank modernized credit card disclosures management — accelerating time to market and reducing risk

BY Pam Mugford

Challenge:  Limitations of a complex legacy process

The bank realized it needed a solution to address the inefficiencies and limitations imposed by their complex legacy process – which was slow, manual and fragmented. The sheer complexity of the bank’s product portfolio and the vast number of communications that required the disclosure content meant that the same changes were made repeatedly across its many systems and templates.

Solution:  Managing customer communications intelligently

Messagepoint helped the bank modernize their management of customer communications enabling them to simplify their complex process, manage their communications intelligently, and gain control.

A single point of change – Messagepoint provided an intelligent content hub that enabled the bank to centralize their communications and disclosure content into one system. This enabled them to make a change once to a shared piece of disclosure content and have it automatically applied everywhere the content existed – across all communications and channels.

Sharing content leveraging a headless CCM approach – The bank began by leveraging Messagepoint’s ability to manage content for composed communications in support of traditional versions of the disclosures materials. When the business wanted to enable credit card customers to start using their new cards immediately via their phones instead of waiting for printed materials to arrive in the mail, they needed to present the disclosures to customers via their mobile app. The bank leveraged Messagepoint’s API to deliver the appropriate COB disclosure content to a customer via their mobile app using JSON. The solutions’ secure, high-performance production capabilities delivered the content in a headless way, ensuring appropriate response times and a solid customer experience for the mobile app users

Empowering the business – Messagepoint gave the marketing operations team hands-on control over content changes, eliminating reliance on IT and other groups.

Centralizing control of the content  – Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub enabled them to reduce the number of templates they had to manage using its patented variation management. Variation management enables the creation of a master touchpoint that shares formatting, rules, and content down to its variants and sub-variants of the communication. This powerful capability enables one touchpoint and template to dynamically generate variations of a communication to support different credit card products each with their own branding, COB disclosure, and other content as required. With these capabilities, a single update made to the master version can now be automatically applied to all variants sharing it, greatly streamlining the process, improving the accuracy of updates, and significantly reducing risk.

Equally powerful is Messagepoint’s Smart Text which enables various types of content components to be shared across touchpoints regardless of channel. The bank was able to leverage the COB disclosure content for its mobile app, which enabled them to retain centralized control of the content and avoid duplicating it elsewhere. Messagepoint is also able to ensure the right COB details are presented to the right customers providing the intelligent personalization required to enable the bank to
achieve its goals.

Real-time proofing
The bank’s business authors now have the ability to instantly proof any changes across the different channels (mobile, web browser, email, and print) in both English and French translations. This control eliminates lengthy back-and-forth cycles and gives the content author in marketing operations greater control over the final outcome.

Streamlined approval workflow – A variety of stakeholders now have the ability to quickly proof, approve, and record edits. Messagepoint’s cloud-based approval workflow is
collaborative, accessible, and convenient.

Unified control of digital and print – The centralized content hub enables the management of digital and print workflows in a single place, eliminating significant complexity and
providing stakeholders with a single point of control for digital and print

Impact:  Transformation and modernization delivers results

Messagepoint gave the marketing team control over their credit card communications and disclosures to reduce months of redundant, manual changes. The team can now apply a change, proof the required pieces, and be ready to go within one business day – down from a process that typically took two to three months. In addition, the team has reduced their risk by eliminating error-prone, fragmented processes spread across multiple teams.

Messagepoint streamlined the bank’s change management process, reducing the number of steps by 70%.


  • Reduced change cycles from months to <1 day
  • Consolidated the number of templates managed from 250+ down to 2
  • Dramatically increased the bank’s business agility
  • Gained best-in-class competitive advantage to target new market segments with innovative products and drive new revenue streams

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