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Rationalizer leverages the power of AI to migrate and optimize your corpus of communications.


Accelerate content migration using the power of AI

Rationalizer leverages the Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine (MARCIE), our AI-powered Content Intelligence and generative AI engine, to simplify content migration by making it easy to get your content off of legacy systems and into modern environments. While most approaches merely lift and shift your content, bringing along all the old problems with it, Rationalizer accelerates content consolidation and optimization with suggested content rewrites to efficiently clean up inventories.

5 reasons to choose Rationalizer

  • Reduces time to migrate, tag and consolidate by an average of 99%
  • Reduces cost by an average of 57%
  • Scales to handle enterprise-wide migration programs
  • Reduces the number of content objects under management by an average of 70%
  • Optimizes content to improve the quality of communications


Content Ingestion

Intelligently ingest content.

Rationalizer automates the ingestion of your content, enabling you to take content libraries from legacy platforms 99% faster and with far less cost than manual services led approaches. In the process, metadata tags are assigned to content, automating a key process in the migration process.

Rationalizer dashboard - content migration and rationalization

Discover your content.

Through the rationalization process, the Content Discovery Dashboard and drill down reports give you detailed, actionable insights into your corpus of communications.

Content sharing and consolidation

Consolidate your content.

Find duplicate and similar content within your content inventory, providing opportunities to consolidate messages, leading to greater efficiency in managing omni-channel communications through its advanced content sharing capabilities.

AA Readability R2

Don’t just lift and shift your content – optimize it!

Rationalizer’s analysis reveals actionable insights for cleaning up your content.  Leveraging generative AI, it can suggest rewritten content to address any issues and accelerate content optimization while preserving intended meaning. What would normally take teams months or even years of manual effort, can now be done in a fraction of the time with greater accuracy and far less cost. The best part is, you remain in total control. Rationalizer’s embedded generative AI capabilities enable you to:

  • Align your content to the ISO plain language standards
  • Optimize content reading levels using Flesch-Kincaid scoring
  • Eliminate brand guideline violations
  • Rewrite content to a specified length, and
  • Ensure the appropriate sentiment is conveyed
Rationalizer Export

Migrate content to your new environment.

Once your content is consolidated and optimized, you are ready to move it into Messagepoint or via an XML export, to another customer communications management environment.


The Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine (MARCIE) brings the power of artificial intelligence to Rationalizer.  MARCIE is the brain behind the advanced content services that enable Rationalizer to process, analyze, and optimize content at scale. Augmented by generative AI, MARCIE also enables you to request suggested rewrites to streamline the optimization process while enabling you to retain total control over your content.

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Leverage the power of AI to automate the migration and optimization of customer communications.

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