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Messagepoint for Salesforce®

Add Messagepoint to your Salesforce solutions to deliver better customer experiences through more personalized, consistent and compliant communications.

Messagepoint for Salesforce Messagepoint for Salesforce

A more intelligent way to manage your customer communications from Salesforce.

More sales, customer service and marketing teams work in Salesforce than ever before. By integrating to Salesforce, we’re enabling those teams to take advantage of the optimized customer communications managed in Messagepoint, so they can deliver better customer experiences through more personalized, consistent and compliant customer journeys.

Messagepoint for Salesforce - ordering a touchpoint

Messagepoint Connected for Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Empower front-office workers with access to personalize and send communications managed in Messagepoint.

Messagepoint for Salesforce Journey Builder

Messagepoint for Journey Builder Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Optimize customer journeys by leveraging Messagepoint print and digital communications.

Messagepoint for Email Studio Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Take advantage of Messagepoint’s intelligent content management for your email communications sent through Salesforce.

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CTA Feature
CTA Feature

Messagepoint Announces Salesforce Connectivity Designed to Bridge Gaps Between Best-of-Breed Systems

Messagepoint today announced that the platform has expanded its connectivity to Salesforce, the global leader in CRM software.…

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Messagepoint for Salesforce

Sales, service, and marketing teams can now leverage Messagepoint’s powerful content management capabilities for building and managing customer…

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