Messagepoint Announces Salesforce Connectivity Designed to Bridge Gaps Between Best-of-Breed Systems

BY Ed Worsfold

Messagepoint Announces Salesforce Connectivity Designed to Bridge Gaps Between Best-of-Breed SystemsMessagepoint today announced that the platform has expanded its connectivity to Salesforce, the global leader in CRM software. The new functionality between Messagepoint and Salesforce puts communications in the hands of non-technical business users by allowing them to deliver interactive, one-to-one communications across both print and digital channels within a single, integrated platform.

Bridging the gap between two best-of-breed systems

Two newly released connectors between the Messagepoint platform and Salesforce enhance Messagepoint’s existing email integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

“Increasingly, our customers are using Salesforce as the primary means of delivering highly-personalized c3ommunications,” explained Chris Miller, EVP, Research and Development (R&D), Messagepoint. “They’re also trying to communicate with greater consistency and a common voice—whether their communications are delivered in batch or in real time, via email or by print. With this in mind, the opportunity to integrate with Salesforce was something we were extremely keen to explore further.”

Introducing Messagepoint Salesforce Connectors

In Messagepoint’s latest product release, the company is introducing two on-demand connectors into the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud applications.

These connectors—”Messagepoint Connected for Salesforce” and “Messagepoint Journey Builder Connector”— complement the platform’s existing email delivery connector to Marketing Cloud. The result is a truly integrated solution that provides a bridge from Salesforce to Messagepoint’s world-class CCM services.

Messagepoint Connected for Salesforce

Messagepoint Connected for Salesforce allows business users to order and interactively customize a Messagepoint Connected email or other communication directly from the relevant location or record in the Salesforce Sales and Service clouds—without having to explicitly sign in or out of Messagepoint.

Messagepoint Journey Builder Connector

Messagepoint’s Journey Builder connector allows a pre-configured email, letter, or other communication to be triggered automatically at exactly the right time in a customer’s journey, while delivering exactly the right content for them at that moment. With Messagepoint as an object that can easily be included in a journey, communications can be composed and delivered via the customer’s preferred channel of communication—without user intervention. What’s more, print touchpoints ordered and triggered in Salesforce Journey Builder can be delivered via an organization’s existing print and mail delivery infrastructure.

“When bundled together, these pieces provide an automated, integrated, leading-edge solution for one-to-one omni-channel customer communications,” Miller added. “Messagepoint acts as the system of record for content management, authoring and assembly; and once authored in Messagepoint, these communications can be triggered within Salesforce. This results in a more seamless journey for business users and customers alike.”

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