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Automate CMS compliance materials updates to enable expansion and growth

Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) face many challenges when creating and maintaining their Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC), and Summary of Benefits (SB) documents. Managing plan materials involves highly manual processes that are time-consuming, costly, and prone to human error. This not only puts the organization at risk of erratum and penalties on an annual basis but also prevents these organizations from expanding their plans and growing their operations.

Annual Notice of Change document Annual Notice of Change document

Ensure your plan materials match your annual bid submission.

From a central content and rules platform, model content and plan data can come together to automatically update and generate versioned plan materials. Data extracted from the PBP dynamically invokes prebuilt benefits in the platform, eliminating the potential of human error. This ensures what was submitted in the bid is accurately represented in your plan materials.

No Waste

Don’t waste your time on Model updates.

The CMS approved Models are already built into the platform. Messagepoint updates each Model based on CMS guidance each year, thus eliminating the need for you to spend time supporting this activity. A report is provided documenting year-over-year Model updates.


Create a new plan in minutes.

The Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange can create a copy of another plan of the same type, letting you reuse all or a subset of the copied plan’s information.  This allows users to quickly update answers required for the new plan, customize as necessary, and save and submit the plan data to generate the ANOC, EOC, SB


Collaborate and control change

Integrated workflow and user management support collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. Combined with version control and variation management, users have a central view and status of plan information throughout the lifecycle of the process. On-demand proofing and approval further simplifies the process ensuring the right information is released to production.


Automate changes across plan versions.

Content management, rule management and version management capabilities are built into the platform providing points of control and the ability to quickly and easily manage year-over-year changes. Non-technical users can make changes to bracketed content and rules quickly and easily. These changes can automatically propagate across one or many versions.


Control the data that drives automation.

As part of the Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange , the Plan Information Module for Medicare (PIMM), gives business users a guided experience to quickly update existing plans and create net new plans from already approved plan type configurations.


Streamline the QA process

The QA module within the Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange provides the control, collaboration, and tracking necessary to streamline stakeholder reviews and ensure the right plan information is filed with CMS when approvals are complete.  By centrally managing data and content within a highly configurable user management, rules and workflow system, you can significantly reduce QA cycle time.  Configurable check lists and QA instructions ensures stakeholders look at specific information and QA reports provide a complete audit trail for each plan document and associated versions.

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