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Digital Experiences

Deliver personalized digital experiences your customers will love

With more customer interactions happening online, providing a great digital experience is key to acquisition and retention. This can be a big challenge, particularly when operating in highly regulated industries. So far, most have failed to deliver experiences that are easy to access, relevant to the reader, and optimized for the channel they are on. Messagepoint makes it easy to deliver personalized experiences on the digital channels your customers prefer by giving you centralized, intelligent management of your complex content in our AI-powered content hub.

The experience must meet the needs of the digital native generation

By 2025 Millennials will comprise an estimated 75% of the global workforce. It’s critical to design digital experiences that align with the expectations of these digital natives.

Tech saavyExpects speedExpects personalizationSMS
Tech saavyExpects speedExpects personalizationSMS

Today’s experiences are stuck in an old paradigm

PDFs = poor digital experiences

The backbone of the digital experience for organizations in regulated industries has been the PDF. Challenging to navigate and read, PDFs make it difficult for customers to find what they want– especially on mobile devices.

Go beyond the right content, on the right channel, at the right time

Simply offering more channels to customers isn’t enough to impress them. Great digital experiences are accessible at high speed, personalized to the customer, and optimized to take advantage of the unique features of the channel.

Transform your digital customer experience with Messagepoint

create once public@2x

Create once publish everywhere

Driving consistency and personalization across channels is critical, but can lead to a lot of redundant content sitting in silos around an organization. Unless of course, you centrally manage that content and enable digital delivery for systems to access.  Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub does just that.

manage content@2x

Manage content, not documents

Instead of managing customer communications as whole documents, Messagepoint focuses on content. Our modular approach to content management breaks documents up into re-usable content components which aren’t tied to any particular delivery channel. Content components are used to assemble fully composed customer communications or they can be accessed by APIs for use in digital endpoints as part of a dynamic digital experience:

  • Web
  • SMS
  • Chatbot
  • Email
  • Mobile App
  • IVR
create relevant@2x

Create relevant and personalized experiences

With Messagepoint’s dynamic content targeting and variation management, you will not only manage content more efficiently,  will deliver highly personalized digital experiences. AI-assisted authoring also ensures that your content matches your brand, has the right sentiment, and adheres to your businesses’ desired reading level.

centrally manage@2x

Centrally manage and control content

Managing the content for every channel separately is inefficient, costly, and ultimately leads to a fragmented customer experience. With Messagepoint, you can centralize all content for all channels within our intelligent, cloud-based content hub. Having a single point of change gives you the power to make the change once in Messagepoint, and the update will appear instantly in all places that content component
is in use.

manage content@2x

Establish consistency and compliance across all channels

Content housed in Messagepoint is abstracted from the presentation layer, meaning it is not tied to any specific communication type or delivery channel. Messagepoint’s headless CCM capabilities leverage RESTful APIs to deliver personalized, relevant content in HTML or JSON formats to next-gen digital endpoints with sub-second response times.

empower business@2x

Empower business users with no-code control

Messagepoint gives business users the ability to directly author and manage the content that is used in digital communications and experiences without having to rely on IT or developers. Not only does this lift the burden on technical teams, but it also gives your organization the speed and agility it needs to deliver dynamic digital experiences.


Speed, performance, and security

Messagepoint APIs can deliver content with sub-second response times so when your customers demand personalized, near-real-time responses, you can rest assured that they get it. While in transit, your customer data is kept safe with Messagepoint’s Zero-Trust security model that validates the security and integrity of every device, node, and activity involved in the production process.

To learn more how Messagepoint helps businesses create dynamic and personalized digital experiences, please contact us.

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