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Prepare yourself for the unexpected

While most large organizations have invested a lot of time and planning into making sure their employees and core IT systems are ready for a crisis, the same can’t necessarily be said for their customer communications.

How Mesagepoint can help

Accelerate your response by empowering content authors

Messagepoint gives your business users and content authors the control they need to author content, target customers, proof and test communications without IT support.

Create new communications without IT

Instantly create a variation of an existing communication within minutes to act on an unexpected situation without any IT bottleneck.

Update all your channels at the same time

Our content hub feeds critical communication updates in shared content objects across your customer communications channels (print, email, text, web) instantly ensuring that whatever channel your customer leverages, it reflects the same information.

Target your message where it’s needed

Quickly create rules from existing data feeds to easily target customers that need to receive critical information while respecting language and channel preferences.

Share updated content everywhere it’s needed

Messagepoint enables you to share content at a granular level across multiple communications in multiple channels to streamline change management processes and take advantage of existing content repositories.

Get your messaging right

In times of crisis when emotions are high and customers are experiencing stress, it’s key that your message is understood, conveys the right sentiment, and is aligned with your brand to stave off the fear of phishing attempts. Messagepoint’s Assisted Authoring detects issues with reading comprehension levels and sentiment and can suggest rewritten content to accelerate fixes.

Webinar Replay - Crisis Communications: Best practices for preparing for the unexpected

If we’ve learned anything through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that life is unpredictable. Just as most of us as individuals were ill-prepared for this crisis, many organizations were challenged to quickly and efficiently adapt their customer communications. Join Patrick Kehoe, EVP, Product Management at Messagepoint, as he outlines best practices for readying your teams, systems and processes for crisis situations.

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