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Modernize constituent communications to enable seamless experiences across channels.

For state and local government agencies, creating communications and notices that are clear, compliant, and accessible on a constituent’s preferred channel is key to providing a fair and equitable constituent experience. However, most governments rely on legacy systems that require siloed, inefficient and IT centric approaches to content management. Messagepoint is a comprehensive end-to-end noticing platform that enables governments to efficiently author, produce and deliver better, more consistent experiences across both print and digital channels.

Support for citizen communications and notices across a range of services including:

  • Children and Family Services
  • Civil Justice
  • Home Care and Long Term Care
  • Medical Assistance Programs
  • Rental Assistance Programs
  • Supportive and Affordable Housing

How to successfully employ e-signatures in State and Local Government Noticing Programs

Learn about considerations for State and Local Government relating to the implementation of e-signatures for communications.

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Accelerate change cycles by empowering non-technical users.

Stop waiting for IT and third-parties to implement content changes. With Messagepoint, the entire content authoring and targeting process can be accomplished by non-technical teams within an intuitive and code-free visual interface. That not only means you can stop using spreadsheets and Word documents to manage your content, but also greatly increases the efficiency of your teams’ operations.

Centralize control across print, mobile, and digital channels.

Start supporting constituents through the channels they prefer by saying goodbye to managing content for each delivery channel separately. Messagepoint enables companies to centrally control content for all channels in a unified and intelligent content hub which accelerates time to market and eliminates redundant content processes while also ensuring consistent cross-channel constituent experiences. Messagepoint also integrates with archiving technology, making it simple to provide constituents with digital access to all their notices through your online web portal.

Ensure the right information gets to the right constituent.

Content within notices can vary depending on a variety of factors such as fit with program eligibility criteria, a constituent’s age, or location. With Messagepoint, it’s easy to ensure the right content automatically gets to the right person using intuitive natural language targeting rules that drive personalized and relevant text and images based on constituent information. Messagepoint also supports a highly efficient modular approach to content management which spares content authors from maintaining libraries with thousands of individual templates.

Communicate clearly with constituents.

Government notices can contain sensitive or life-changing information, which means it is critical that constituents can understand them. In particular, vulnerable populations and those with Limited English Proficiency can benefit from clearer communications or those in their first language. MARCIE, Messagepoint’s AI-powered Assisted Authoring capability, identifies issues relating to sentiment and reading comprehension and can suggest rewritten alternatives that adhere to ISO plain language standards, align a lower Flesch-Kincaid reading level, and convey the appropriate sentiment without compromising meaning. Messagepoint also supports AI-powered translation into over 80 languages, making it easy to serve constituents in the language they best understand.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Keeping notices compliant in the face of constantly shifting regulatory requirements can eat up considerable time and effort. Messagepoint is used by organizations in highly regulated industries such as healthcare insurance and mortgage servicing to help ensure compliance in their sensitive customer communications. With Messagepoint’s built-in approval workflows, it’s easy to ensure that sensitive content is reviewed by key stakeholders before getting sent. Common regulatory language such as disclosures can be shared across multiple touchpoints and channels while being controlled from a single point of change. When compliance rules change, you can quickly identify every impacted communication and update them by editing a single content object. You can also track the entire history of changes made to a notice with Messagepoint’s comprehensive audit log.

Track every notice you send.

With Messagepoint, every notice sent to constituents across all channels is tracked within Messagepoint’s Enterprise Communication Processing (ECP) solution. Comprehensive data on which notices are generated, when notices are sent out, and whether a communication or notice was delivered can be accessed directly within Messagepoint ECP or integrated into your core systems of record.

Support for eSignature.

ESignature is more than just a convenient option for constituents wishing to sign documents online. It is an accessibility requirement of the 21st Century IDEAS act. Using Messagepoint ECP’s integration with DocuSign, you can insert signature text tags into any PDF to identify the name, date, signature, and any other required details of the person who is to sign it.

Enable 1:1 personalization of the constituent experience.

Take personalization to the next level by empowering your frontline call centre to send follow-up communications based on conversations they have with constituents. Messagepoint Connected allows your frontline teams to access approved communications directly from their constituent management systems, customize them using a controlled editing experience, and send them to constituents on their channel of choice.

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