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Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange

The Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange enables organizations to share and receive standardized touchpoints across teams, accelerating authoring and ensuring the enforcement of standards.

Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange

Share your Touchpoints and Enforce your Standards

Traditional CCM solutions require teams to create copies of touchpoints and templates, creating, in many cases, hundreds or thousands of duplicates that need to be managed and maintained individually. These touchpoints and templates morph over time and maintaining consistency and standards quickly becomes a logistical nightmare.

Imagine being able to break free of that paradigm with access to a library of standard touchpoints in an exchange. Touchpoints that accelerate your authoring process and ensure alignment with standards. Touchpoints you subscribe to and synch with to ensure your communications and documents are never out of date.

That is the power of the Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange.

Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange

Share valuable templates and content.

The Touchpoint Exchange enables organizations with an Exchange instance to share templates and fully authored communication touchpoints with other users. Publishers have full control over what’s available in their Touchpoint Exchange and can also determine which instances have access to which touchpoints.

Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange

Adhere to standards and streamline processes.

Subscribers download approved, shared templates from the Touchpoint Exchange available to them through their license. They can then select templates to download, customize them, and request a one-way sync for a touchpoint to view updates and decide whether to apply them. Throughout the process, the subscriber maintains full control over content and can even compare differences to assist in their evaluation.

Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange for Medicare.

Messagepoint offers healthcare insurers a means of streamlining the creation and annual update processes relating to key Medicare marketing materials in order to support expansion and growth goals. Messagepoint’s Touchpoint Exchange for Medicare is integrated with the CMS models and the Plan Benefit Package (PBP) to automate benefit information and model data across Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Summary of Benefit (SB) documents. This enables organizations to greatly reduce the effort required to create and maintain these documents while ensuring accuracy and eliminating errors and penalties.

Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange for Service Providers.

Service providers can build and author templates that offer efficiencies, best practices or valuable industry knowledge to their clients on an individual or group basis. Updates to these templates can be published so clients can sync their local communications touchpoints to take advantage of centrally managed and shared content. Examples of this content would be common regulatory content that must be included in communications for a particular industry.

Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange for Enterprises.

Large enterprise customers may have one or more divisions using Messagepoint and can take advantage of the Exchange to share best practice templates across all business units—even if these operations are leveraging their own instances of Messagepoint. Standard corporate templates may share layouts, configurations and mandated content—including logos and legal disclaimers—enabling consistency in branding and design across an entire organization’s communications.

Let us prove it to you.

Messagepoint can solve your most complex communications problems. See for yourself why so many industry leaders rely on us every day.

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