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CCM migration

Infographic – Simplify CCM Migration and Modernization

BY Ed Worsfold

Reduce time to migration by an average of 99%

Consolidating and modernizing your CCM systems sounds like a great idea, but the manual processes required make it both ridiculously expensive and time-consuming. Professional services organizations might have a few rudimentary tools in their bag to help, unfortunately, these don’t help enough and the average enterprise migration effort ends up costing millions of dollars and takes an average of three years to complete.

Rationalizer leverages Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to simplify CCM migration and modernization by making it easy to get your content off of legacy systems, consolidate and optimize that content, and migrate it to your new CCM environment.

View the Infographic below – or click here for the PDF.

Rationalizer Correspondence Infographic 7 23 15 1

Rationalizer Correspondence Infographic 7 23 15 1

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