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Transforming Translation with Messagepoint

Accelerate translation processes while increasing accuracy with Messagepoint and the power of AI.

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Enhance speed, reduce costs, and improve accuracy in your translation process

For regulated organizations, translation of customer communications is a slow, time-intensive process, often handled one document at a time using a patchwork of disconnected tools. Messagepoint transforms the end-to-end translation workflow. With its highly efficient content-centric approach, integrated AI translation and quality checks, and flexible collaboration tools, Messagepoint enables you to translate communications and documents faster, cheaper, and with greater accuracy and control than ever before. 

Benefits of managing translation in Messagepoint

  • Translate content 20x faster
  • Reduce translation costs by 80%
  • Catch more translation errors with AI
  • Lower risk of compliance errors and fines
  • Eliminate translation of redundant content
Translation Benefits Graphic4
Translation Benefits Graphic4
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Drive efficiency by breaking free from the document-centric translation paradigm

With Messagepoint, communications are broken down into individual content components, which are reused across communications and channels as required. This enables you to translate those content objects just once instead of multiple times, decreasing your translation workload and ensuring consistency and compliance throughout your communications. It also enables you to translate portions of more complex documents as they are completed, further accelerating translation work.

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Accurately translate your content in seconds with AI

Accurately translate your content into 80+ languages with a mouse click using integrated AI translation, powered by Assisted Authoring. Whether you choose to leverage integrated translation models from OpenAI or DeepL, Messagepoint translates your content at speeds far faster than human counterparts, while also preserving variable data fields and formatting of your content, saving you from having to add these elements back in manually.

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Ensure alignment with your terminology

Leverage Glossaries to specify how certain terms and phrases are translated by AI. Glossaries ensure your sensitive content, such as product names, industry terminology, and regulatory language, is translated the exact same way, every time.

4 Automate Reviews@2x

Automate reviews with Translation Accuracy powered by AI

Whether you use AI or humans to translate your content, Messagepoint’s AI-powered Translation Accuracy capabilities reduce days of reviews down to minutes. AI automates checks for semantic similarity, missing content, text styles, variables, SmartText, and named entities between different language versions of your content. Visual indicators reveal inconsistencies, making it fast and easy for your team to make any necessary corrections.

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Seamlessly manage your end-to-end translation workflow

Messagepoint enables you to manage the entire end-to-end process of translation and related quality checks. Configurable workflows enable you to control exactly how, when, and to whom translation tasks are assigned, including sending content directly to third-party translators or using AI-powered translation before passing it to human translators to apply the finishing touch.

6 Dashboards@2x

Ensure visibility and control over the QA process

Messagepoint’s QA Module provides total visibility into the progress of your translation projects so that bottlenecks can be quickly resolved, workloads can be balanced, and work is completed on schedule. Integrated task management, resource management, audit trails, reports, and dashboards track every step of the process so you can see exactly who translated what content, when translation occurred, and who provided approval.

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