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Celent CCM

Messagepoint Earns Highest Degree of Recognition as a Luminary in Celent’s 2023 CCM Solutions Report for Global Insurance

BY Ed Worsfold

TORONTO, July 19, 2023 Messagepoint announced today it has been named a Luminary in the “CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition” report published by Celent, the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions across the globe. Celent’s report provides an overview of 13 different customer communications management (CCM) solutions available to organizations in the insurance industry, evaluating each on the sophistication and breadth of their technology. As a Luminary, the Messagepoint platform earned the highest degree of recognition in both categories.

To create the “CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition” report, Celent evaluated solutions on a variety of key points, including their degree of technological innovation, range of features, functionality, pricing, and customer support. Based on scores obtained in these areas, each solution was categorized into a Technical Capabilities Matrix, a graph plotting each solution’s score relative to the categories of technological advancement and breadth of functionality. Messagepoint achieved a high score in both dimensions, earning the platform top honors with Luminary distinction.

“We are delighted to acknowledge Messagepoint as a Luminary in the Celent Technical Capabilities Matrix, as highlighted in our “CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition” report,” said Fabio Sarrico, analyst, Celent, and author of the report. “In our analysis, Messagepoint stood out as a solution that excelled not only in terms of technology but also in its extensive breadth of functionality, leading Celent to recognize it as a Luminary. We are excited to see CCM solution providers enabling insurers to streamline their communication processes and drive meaningful customer engagement.”

In the report, Celent evaluated each solution’s capabilities specifically in the areas of content management, workflow management and integration. Messagepoint’s cloud-hosted content hub has established itself as a market leader by enabling customers to create, manage and optimize omnichannel content and communications more intelligently. Empowering business users with a no-code approach to content management, targeting rules, workflow and communications, its unique modular approach supports content delivery via composed communications and headless APIs. The solution also allows users to reuse common content components, increasing the efficiency, speed and accuracy of authoring and ensuring a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Additionally, Messagepoint is recognized as a pioneer in AI for CCM. Building on the capabilities of its AI engine, MARCIE (Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine), the latest release of the Messagepoint solution leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-4 to enhance its Assisted Authoring capabilities, including by providing content rewrite suggestions, aligning communications with desired reading levels and adjusting sentiment and length for an improved customer experience.

“We are honored to be recognized by Celent as a global insurance CCM provider,” said Steve Biancaniello, founder and CEO of Messagepoint. “Being cited as a Luminary for the sophistication of our technology and strength of our features emphasizes our work to establish our solution as a leader within a rapidly evolving marketplace. I am excited that Messagepoint continues to pave the way—not only in delivering cutting-edge technology but also a superior customer experience.”

Read Celent’s “CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition” report here

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