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Messagepoint Announces AI-powered Translation Accuracy

BY Ed Worsfold

Messagepoint’s latest version includes key capabilities that ensure accuracy while accelerating translation processes for customer communications

TORONTO, May 17, 2024 Messagepoint announced today enhancements in the latest release of its intelligent Content Hub for customer communications management, designed to streamline the process of translating customer communications and documents while ensuring accuracy. New capabilities that augment generative AI-based translation have been added to the solution’s Assisted Authoring feature and include the ability to:

  • Simultaneously translate content into multiple languages, drastically reducing translation time
  • Incorporate glossaries to support corporate and industry-specific terminology in translations for greater accuracy and consistency
  • Check translation accuracy using semantic similarity, styles and named entities analysis

Translation today is often a manual task, managed by emailing files and inputting translated content and changes. To ensure efficiency, control and tracking, Messagepoint has added purpose-built workflows that support the end-to-end process of translation and related quality checks. Whether working with internal teams, third parties or leveraging AI tools to support translation, users will be able to send content for translation via Messagepoint and seamlessly re-integrate that content with formatting, text styles and variable content still intact. This enables organizations to take advantage of streamlined workflows while maintaining the flexibility to work with chosen translation providers or even a combination of providers, such as AI-based translation alongside human translators.

“The need to support consumers in their language of choice has never been greater, especially in highly regulated industries involving essential services and complex products, such as healthcare, government services and financial services,” said Steve Biancaniello, founder and CEO of Messagepoint. “Applied intelligently to the process, AI can very effectively address the key issues of speed, cost and accuracy that exist in translation services today. Recognizing the desire to keep humans in the loop, the Messagepoint solution strikes the right balance of providing AI-based support alongside workflows designed to streamline and control the translation process. By making it easier, faster and more cost effective for organizations to create and maintain translated communications and materials, we are enabling them to better serve diverse populations.”

Translation of communications is mandated in some sectors, such as in areas of health and human services, health insurance and financial services, and represents costly, time intensive processes that can prevent adoption beyond strictly mandated materials. Messagepoint’s AI-powered translation capabilities provide accurate translations up to 20 times faster than human translators alone. Users have the option to leverage capabilities based on either OpenAI or DeepL’s generative AI-based translation services from within the Messagepoint Content Hub. Translation and Translation Accuracy capabilities leverage Messagepoint’s proprietary AI engine, MARCIE (Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine), which powers its Assisted Authoring capabilities. Assisted Authoring includes content optimization capabilities for reading levels, sentiment, plain language, brand and length, as well as translation, content similarity analysis, tagging and other key functions in its Content Hub.

Messagepoint’s intelligent Content Hub offers a unique modular approach to content management that enables business users to manage content across all channels, whether it is used in composed communications or delivered to a digital endpoint via headless APIs. The solution enables the reuse of common content components and templates across communications, increasing the efficiency, speed and accuracy of content authoring, optimization, translation and management. This means that common content which appears in multiple communications or across multiple channels only needs to be translated or optimized once, greatly reducing the overhead associated with these initiatives. By integrating translation and plain language into Messagepoint’s content management platform, customers can more efficiently and effectively manage the customer communications content update process.

Messagepoint’s enhanced translation capabilities will be available on May 31, 2024.

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