There are several powerful Messagepoint add-ons that
give you extra functionality.

Private Cloud Instances

Private cloud instances offer a private hosted environment separated from the standard multi-tenant framework. There’s an additional layer of segregation for your content as well as the ability to remain one version behind the most current release.

We offer three Private cloud options:

  • Small (for less than 8 instances)
  • Medium (for 9 – 16 instances)
  • Large (for 17 – 24 instances)

The number of instances available for use is based on your subscription plan


Insert management

With insert management, you control what and when your physical inserts are included with your communication mailings. You also decide which customers qualify to receive them using customer targeting.


Advanced testing and simulation

You can test and evaluate the reach and impact of messaging rules and timing against a large customer data sample before your content goes live. Simulation lets you do scenario building and reporting.


Real-time decision engine

The real time decision engine enables one-off, real-time transactional requests (as opposed to batch mode).


CMS Connector

Messagepoint API to a supported third party content management system