MARCIE knows content.

MARCIE powers content intelligence capabilities across the Messagepoint platform and Messagepoint Rationalizer to:


Streamline communications management by consolidating duplicate and similar content.

MARCIE finds duplicate and similar content, providing opportunities to consolidate messages for greater efficiency in managing communications through more effective use of Messagepoint’s advanced content sharing capabilities.


Ensure consistency and compliance with brand standards.

MARCIE knows and respects your brand. For every communication and message, the engine intelligently identifies elements that are out of compliance to ensure consistency across all communications and channels.


Communicate at the right level with reading comprehension analysis.

MARCIE assesses the reading comprehension level of every message to identify those that aren’t at the appropriate level for your audience using Flesch and Flesch-Kincaid scoring.


Ensure the right sentiment is communicated, always.

MARCIE identifies the sentiment of your messages so that you can evoke the right feelings and emotions from your customers, positively impacting the customer experience across all channels.

Learn more about MARCIE in:

Messagepoint Rationalizer

Messagepoint Rationalizer analyzes your corpus of communications to clean up the content and make it more manageable.

Messagepoint Core

Messagepoint’s customer communications management platform enables non-technical business users to intelligently author and manage content for more consistent, compliant and relevant customer experiences.

MARCIE will be available in summer 2019.