Hybrid cloud-based Messaging Platform
Manage complex communications across channels
Built-in testing and approvals
Closed-loop reporting

Messagepoint.com is a next generation, hybrid-cloud Customer Communications Management (CCM) software platform that offers:

  • Zero foot print installation
  • Rapid onboarding
  • No IT infrastructure costs
  • Staying current with the latest releases
  • Guaranteed uptime

The Messagepoint Decision Engine (DE) is the only on premise component and is a simple local installation that is:

  • Co-located with production systems
  • Ensures that your customer data is kept secure behind your firewall
  • Minimizes file transfer sizes
  • Flexible, with deployment options across production centers.

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Messagepoint.com lets marketing and customer communications professionals manage all kinds of communications, including

While acting as a shared messaging hub, Messagepoint also has many advanced features to optimize and make customer communications management much more streamlined, including:



With Messagepoint.com, it’s easy to test what content will be delivered to your customers without relying on IT to set up a test environment. Preview messages or proof entire communications to see what they will look like when they go live. Manage tests against sample customer data to make sure the right messages are going to the right customers. You can even run large simulations to ensure all messages and rules are working the way you want them to.


You can manage approvals of your messages right in Messagepoint, so you don’t have to rely on offline or manual workflows. Automatically manage each step in your process, documenting each approval and sending out email notifications as required. Through an online, configurable approval process, you can be sure your communications meet brand standards and regulatory requirements.

With Messagepoint.com – track the success of your messages with a report of who qualified for the messages and who received them.

Whether you need to keep records for compliance, internal tracking, control, or customer service, Messagepoint provides you with the reporting you need.  If you need to apply additional analysis of your data, easily export to your analytics application of choice.

Core benefits of Messagepoint

Give business users full control over messaging content

There’s no more need to burden IT with change requests. Now you can manage all changes to messaging within Messagepoint, giving your business users direct control of your customer communications.

Improve the Customer Experience with personalized, targeted messaging

Messagepoint’s numerous personalization and targeting features allow you to leverage your customer data, adding personalization and relevance to your customer communications.

Manage all content for cross-channel communications from a single platform

Messagepoint is a true multi-channel messaging platform that allows you to publish messages to any channel, including print, web, email and SMS, easier than ever before

Greater agility and quicker time-to-market on all customer communications

Now you can approve and test your messaging before you go into production and eliminate the frustrating steps in between. Messagepoint helps you get your messages out faster and more efficiently.

Improve multi-lingual and multi-branded communications 

Complex content, branding and language variations across multiple touchpoints are much easier to manage with Messagepoint’s built-in variation management functionality. New client onboarding is now a snap!

Minimize disruption and leverage existing investments

Messagepoint integrates with your existing delivery systems, letting you leverage your investments. The hybrid cloud model quickly gets new enhancements up and running, and your valuable customer data is kept secure behind your firewall.

Some of our clients

Being able to leverage the expertise of Prinova’s services groups along with their Messagepoint platform allows us to standardize and improve how client documents are created, maintained and delivered to our clients. Laurieann Miller, Director of Client Services

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