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Health Plan Sales and Marketing Materials

Health Plan Sales and Marketing Materials

Health plan marketers face the traditional marketing challenges of targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time – with an added twist – they also must create and manage complex content. To get this unique mix right, marketers need the right technology that enables them to operate at the speed of business while driving targeted materials that speak to their customer’s unique requirements. Messagepoint can help.

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Accelerate time to market and increase ROI.

Reduce time to market for campaigns by giving marketers hands-on control to make edits and updates. Validate changes with rapid proofing and testing, with full integration into leading composition systems to ensure targeting rules are all firing correctly. This not only reduces costs but gives marketers the right platform to support their need for frequent and accurate image and messaging changes.


Drive variations easily to achieve advanced personalization.

Sophisticated parent / child touchpoint hierarchies and dynamic shared content capabilities enable you to rapidly and easily create variations on campaign templates. This not only accelerates time to market, but enables advanced personalization and A/B testing that marketers need to know what works.


Get to digital faster.

Omni-channel touchpoints make communicating with your customers through to their channel of choice easy. Content sharing ensures a consistent experience across print and digital channels automatically and efficiently.

Improve collaboration and quality.

Workflow everywhere reduces errors and compliance issues while simplifying change management workflow and tracking. Our variation management content inheritance model ensures brand consistency.


Stay in compliance.

Leverage a single point of change for regulatory content, PBP data, additional plan profile information and disclosures shared across touchpoints to ensure every communication is accurate and in compliance. Dynamically drive variations by a range of factors including plan version, state, member profile to deliver the right content, every time.


Improve marketing performance.

Create unlimited versions of your direct marketing communications to perfectly target your customers to improve response rates. With intelligent and dynamic content management, you can tailor content and images across creative layouts, across channels, leveraging dynamic messages and data to target customer segments and different regions with the right plan information.


Share and re-use content to accelerate change and ensure consistency.

Intelligent content management enables sophisticated content sharing and re-use to accelerate both authoring and change cycles.


AI-Powered Guardrails ensure alignment with brand standards.

The Messagepoint Advanced Content Intelligence Engine, MARCIE, leverages AI to ensure your directories are aligned with required branding, readability and sentiment requirements.

Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange

The Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange is purpose-built to streamline the creation and annual update of Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Summary of Benefit (SB) documents.

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