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Pre and Post Enrollment Materials

Pre and Post Enrollment Materials

Messagepoint streamlines the process of managing key member materials post enrollment. Leveraging benefit data from your bid submission and benefits charts, Messagepoint saves you time and effort by reusing content across your materials and channels Dynamic generation of custom materials for each of your plans delivers efficiency while also ensuring a personalized, engaging member experience.

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Accelerate document generation and updates

Messagepoint gives your users complete control over static and variable content, as well as business rules to automatically drive the right state and plan specific content. Monthly updates are completed with a few simple mouse clicks to generate updated documents that contain the latest provider & pharmacy information complete with table headers, auto-pagination, section breaks, table of contents and index information.


Increase accuracy through enhanced QA

Built-in workflow, change and history tracking ensure that all the user updates go through an authentic review cycle. QA capabilities ensure that the directories are fully reviewed and validated.

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Eliminate redundancy by reusing content across touchpoints

Health plan materials repeat a lot of the same information throughout the member life cycle from acquisition through renewals. Messagepoint enables you to break free from entering and maintaining content in disparate document and HTML templates and enables you to centrally store and reuse benefit information, plan data and other content across all your member materials.

No Waste

Ensure compliance

Automatically generate 508 compliant directories in regular and large print formats for English, Spanish and other languages as required. These print & Web-ready documents can be hosted on member portals or passed to your print vendor.


AI-Powered guardrails ensure alignment with brand standards

The Messagepoint Advanced Content Intelligence Engine, MARCIE, leverages AI to ensure your directories are aligned with required branding, readability and sentiment requirements.

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Seamlessly deliver digital experiences with headless APIs

Messagepoint centrally manages content for use in both print and digital communications. This means you only have to enter a common piece of content once and you can leverage that same rich, data-driven content to deliver relevant, personalized, and responsive digital experiences.

Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange

The Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange is purpose-built to streamline the creation and annual update of Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Summary of Benefit (SB) documents.

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