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Doxee and Messagepoint Announce a Global Technology Partnership

BY Ed Worsfold

Modena, October 13th, 2021

Doxee (DOX:IM), the leading high-tech multinational company offering products for Digital Customer Experience and Digital Transformation, announces that it has signed with Messagepoint, a leading provider of scalable, cloud-based content management and content intelligence solutions for the Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry, a global agreement that will enable enterprise customers to leverage the CCM capabilities of the Doxee Platform® enriched with Messagepoint’s intelligent cloud-based content hub. Organizations in regulated industries such as Telco, Financial Services, and Utilities leverage CCM solutions to author and manage complex, personalized customer communications for marketing, selling, onboarding and servicing operations.

Messagepoint’s AI-powered content hub enables business users to manage, author and optimize these customer communications without the involvement of IT teams. The solution’s intelligent approach to content management will enable Doxee customers to accelerate authoring cycles, and increase the level of personalization, regulatory compliance, and the quality of customer experiences across all communication channels.

This partnership marks an important step forward in the evolution of the Doxee Platform. In line with its strategic path, the company is pursuing the creation of a complete ecosystem around its core technological asset. Doxee is actively working to increase the variety of its partnerships to gradually enrich the platform with best of breed applications designed to support a wide range of complex business cases, in complete synergy with the Doxee product lines. The partnership with Messagepoint reflects Doxee’s continuous improvement strategy focused on offering enterprises a complete set of features to intelligently manage interactions with their customers, leveraging data and technology to enhance customer perceptions and enabling companies to create and support an effective digital customer experience.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “This agreement with Messagepoint is a major step forward for Doxee. Messagepoint’s business user authoring capabilities and intelligent approach to content management contributes to the further evolution of the Doxee platform as a thriving ecosystem for helping our enterprise customers maximize retention and build a seamless customer lifecycle chain. We are continuously committed to offering our clients a best-in-class CCM product that exceeds their expectations with intelligent, high-performing, and flexible features for their needs”.

The powerful combination of Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub and Doxee’s innovative digital communication products will create significant value for our respective customers,” said Steve Biancaniello, President and CEO of Messagepoint. “We look forward to working with Doxee to empower their impressive roster of customers with innovative ways of managing the complex content in regulated customer communications”.

Furthermore, Doxee and Messagepoint are extending the partnership to build a new distribution channel for Doxee interactive experience (ix) products in the USA and Canada. Thanks to this further step of the agreement that starts with the agreement just signed with Messagepoint, ix products, in particular Doxee Pvideo®, will benefit from even greater visibility in the North American market and further opportunities can be exploited in international markets ready to benefit from personalized dynamic videos.

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