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Giving you intelligent control so you can deliver optimized customer communications across any channel.

Messagepoint Customer Communications Management software screenshot Messagepoint Customer Communications Management software screenshot

AI-Powered Customer Communications Management

Messagepoint is a SaaS-based Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution that enables organizations to enhance customer experiences with optimized communications. Leveraging the power of MARCIE, Messagepoint’s AI-powered Content Intelligence Engine, Messagepoint focuses on intelligent approaches to managing and authoring content to enable maximum efficiency and impact.

Whether dealing with simple correspondence or more complex documents, Messagepoint uniquely enables marketers, customer experience and servicing teams to efficiently create timely, relevant, compliant and highly-personalized customer-facing communications across print and digital channels.

Screenshot of Messagepoint Core CCM software platform

Intelligent content re-use and sharing.

Only Messagepoint provides intelligent content management, enabling teams to centrally manage and share pieces of content across multiple communications and templates. These powerful capabilities dramatically reduce time to market, simplify change management and ensure consistency and compliance across your library of communications.

Screenshot of Messagepoint Core CCM software platform

Empower content authors.

With Messagepoint, your marketers, product owners and customer experience teams won’t have to manage messaging content and targeting rules in spreadsheets and send them to IT for programming. Messagepoint empowers your content authors with hands-on control over creating, editing, and managing content, so you can get your communications out the door faster than ever before.

Screenshot of Messagepoint Assisted Authoring capabilities

Create more consistent, compliant content.

Messagepoint’s new Assisted Authoring capabilities enable you to create better, more consistent and compliant content. Powered by the Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine, MARCIE, these capabilities:

  • Identify duplicate and similar content that already exists so you can reuse what’s already there for increased consistency and efficiency
  • Identify the sentiment of your messages so that you can evoke the right emotions from your customers, positively and consistently impacting the customer experience across all channels
  • Identify the reading comprehension level of every message using Flesch and Flesch-Kincaid scoring to ensure communications are in compliance

Strengthen your brand.

Messagepoint also helps you drive brand consistency across your inventory of communications for better customer engagement. Not only do our touchpoints and variations help drive consistency, but by defining your Brand Profile, you can gain control over restricted terms, legal marks, spaces, contractions, sentence length, and more. In addition, upon ingesting, migrating or authoring new content into the platform, Assisted Authoring will flag inconsistencies, so you can take action to deliver a more consistent brand.

Get to digital faster.

You need to be able to communicate with customers through the channels they want. Today, more than ever, that often means digital. Messagepoint makes it easy to not only clean up and migrate legacy print communications, but we enable companies to manage their print and digital (email, SMS) communications all in one place, sharing content and branding across the channels where appropriate for greater efficiency. The best part is, we make it easy to ensure your customers receive communications through the channel of their choice.

Screenshot of Messagepoint Core targeting

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with highly personalized communications.

Messagepoint makes it easy to achieve advanced levels of personalization using intuitive natural language targeting and variables that drive personalized, relevant text and images based on preferences, behaviors, or demographics—and the best part is, you don’t have to be a programmer to do it.

Messagepoint Core Variation Management

Eliminate duplicate touchpoints and embrace the power of variation management.

Messagepoint’s patented Variation Management is absolutely unique, eliminating the need to create, update, and manage many instances of similar templates and documents. Variation Management enables the creation of a master template that shares formatting and content down to its variants and sub-variants of the communication. This inheritance provides a powerful and efficient way to enable the rapid creation of similar communications, and streamline the overall management of your communications library while driving personalization.

Messagepoint Core - global content sharing with SmartText

Global content sharing for a single point of change and control.

Using Messagepoint’s SmartText™, content authors can share content across communications. This not only makes it faster and easier to ensure approved content is used in a communication, but it also enables users to make a change to content once and have the update appear everywhere the SmartText does. Imagine the power of being able to make a change across hundreds or thousands of documents in a matter of seconds.

Messagepoint Core - approval screenshot

Ensure compliance.

Messagepoint’s unique ability to centrally manage and share content ensures that key content owners (legal, brand managers, etc.) can easily review, update and manage their assigned pieces of content to ensure consistency and compliance.

Messagepoint Core

Leverage existing technology investments.

Messagepoint provides native composition capabilities, as well as integration options and packaged integrations to legacy Customer Communications Management tools, including OpenText Exstream and Quadient Inspire, and other digital communications systems such as Salesforce, SparkPost, and Clickatell. These integrations enable you to leverage current investments and delivery infrastructure while making it easy to adopt Messagepoint.

Messagepoint Core - proofing and testing screenshot

Proof and test in real-time—without the need for IT.

Users can quickly proof what they have created and get an exact rendition of what will be produced in production by leveraging sample data to validate that the rules are targeting the right individuals.

Messagepoint Core - approval workflow screenshot

Collaborate with your team.

Messagepoint enables you to assign content tasks such as creation, updates, approvals or reviews to others. Workflows can be easily created and configured according to your needs.

Messagepoint Core - touchpoint selector screenshot

Generate batch and one-off communications.

Messagepoint supports one-off transactional requests in-flight, such as a letter or email to a single individual, as well as the creation of large batch job communications, such as direct mail or annual policy updates.

Messagepoint Core - version control and document content compare

Manage versions and compare history.

Messagepoint stores older versions of your messages, so you can easily retrieve old versions and compare content to determine what additions, deletions, and style changes happened between versions, taking the guesswork out of what changed and when. In addition, start and end dates can be set for individual pieces of content to enable users to set up, test, and approve content in advance of it being used, such as for a time-sensitive offer. When the qualifying dates are true, the new content will appear in your customer communications.

Share your touchpoints.

Powerful capabilities in the Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange enable organizations with an Exchange instance to share and receive standardized touchpoints across teams, accelerating authoring and ensuring the enforcement of standards. Publishers have full control over what’s available in their Touchpoint Exchange and can also determine which users and instances have access to which touchpoints.

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Messagepoint can solve your most complex communications problems. Sound too good to be true? You owe it to yourself to investigate further.

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