As a Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) provider, you have unique challenges with your member communications. For example, within the Explanations of Benefits (EOB) communications, you need to adapt variations at the Carrier, Contract as well as Group Level, and there are thousands of possible permutations and combinations. This is typically done using a complex set of spreadsheets and the variations and rules are coded into a very complex, hard to change Print Composition application. This results in new client on-boarding taking weeks or months.

How Messagepoint helps

With Messagepoint, PBM providers can create a default (or ‘master’) version of the EOB and account managers can quickly add or customize new clients on the fly. With most of the content and rules now handled by Messagepoint in the cloud, your Print Composition applications is greatly simplified, and changes can be made in minutes. New Carrier EOBs can be up and running in hours.

Use Messagepoint to manage your critical customer communications such as:

  • Enrollment, Welcome Kits,
  • Contracts/Booklets,
  • EOBs,
  • ANOC-EOCs,
  • SBCs,
  • Drug Adherence/Wellness Letters,
  • Claims,
  • Personalized email notifications,
  • Web Messaging, and
  • Text Messaging.