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Nick Romano is Featured Guest on the Document Strategy Podcast

An Inside Look at Customer Message Management

Prinova CEO, Nick Romano, was interviewed recently on the Document Strategy Podcast hosted by industry analyst and influencer Kevin Craine. The podcast has listeners in over 30 countries and has become a staple in our industry. As the featured guest, Nick took the opportunity to explore our developing concept of Customer Message Management and how enterprises today are rethinking how they manage enterprise content and customer messaging. Click here to listen to the show.

What is Customer Message Management?

Customer Message Management is not just another industry acronym. In the 20 minute interview, Nick and Kevin explore how it differs from other concepts that we are familiar with like customer communications management and enterprise content management.

“Customer Message Management is the ability to have overall control of how the messages you are sending are being delivered in a coordinated way,” says Nick. “Unlike enterprise content management or customer communications management which tend to be focused on the technology used and the delivery platform, Customer Message Management is focused on managing content independent of the way it is delivered.”

Making the Most of Customer Messaging

Managing content and messaging, optimizing business rules, and coordinating the content with the various stakeholders in the process is key to effective Customer Message Management, as well as having the ability to connect that content into whatever channel or touch point that is desired.

“The goal is to optimize any interaction you have with a customer whether that is a printed statement or bill, a direct mail piece or a business form…as well as digital communications like emails, text messages and mobile application experiences,” says Nick. “All of those things are now part of the communications ecosystem for any large enterprise and the ability to manage content in a coordinated fashion across all of those various channels and touch points — and do that in a uniform way so that it the effort is optimized — is the essence of Customer Message Management.”

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Managing the Message Enterprise-Wide

Where does Customer Message Management fit in the larger enterprise picture? It can be a catalyst that brings value to the existing pieces, says Nick. “There is a lot of interplay between the various enterprise systems that are in an organization and Customer Message Management is about optimizing how they all work together.”

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