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Making CCM More Responsive to the Business

Will you struggle in 2015 because of your customer communications management systems?

Communicating with customers is not as easy as it used to be, and 2015 will be a year of differentiation between companies that do it right, and companies that do not. Let’s face it, between innovations online, adoption of mobile and social media, and continued dependence on traditional print and mail, the customer communications landscape today is more complex than ever before. It’s a multi-channel marketplace, making the job of Customer Communications Management (CCM) an ever-growing challenge.

Document Agility

With a new year upon us the question becomes: Will you continue to struggle in 2015 because of the current state of your customer communications management (CCM) systems? Despite the increasing digitization of business today, making even the smallest change on an account statement, for example, can take weeks or months. Often, the process requires multiple departments and multiple systems each with its own distinct requirements and red tape that take time, resources and specialized expertise. Strategies and investments in one area are often planned for and implemented in isolation from other customer-facing communications in areas like marketing, compliance or customer support.

Legacy Complexity

Companies that continue to rely on legacy CCM systems that are siloed within arcane IT departments will find it difficult, if not impossible, to appropriately respond to shifting customer demands in 2015. Marketing teams and business units that are un-empowered, or who must rely on makeshift homegrown approaches, will quickly fall behind. Overly complex systems that fail to support the rapidly evolving needs of CCM will be an Achilles heel for even the most sophisticated enterprises.

CCM Innovation

Companies must leverage big data and customer content in ways that allow them to be more responsive to customers, make better business decisions, all while being responsive to regulatory mandates governed by compliance. One way is by executing relevant, targeted and timely communications to customers. But it’s more than just print; in 2015 it will be about working to optimize a set of related cross-channel interactions that, when added together, make up an individualized customer experience.

Next Steps

CCM is a top strategic priority for companies around the world. How can you more effectively compete? Find success by using a more responsive and strategic approach to creating highly targeted, relevant and personalized customer communications. Want to learn more?  Download our free white paper Making CCM More Responsive to Business.

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