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The consumer healthcare landscape has become highly competitive for payers.

Efficient and effective member engagement is key to growing your business. Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) that can communicate on a personal level with existing and prospective members and respond quickly to changes in market requirements, achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Messagepoint provides a purpose-built platform designed to support healthcare organizations in their bid to efficiently deliver member experiences that meet and exceed expectations.

Various healthcare documents Various healthcare documents Various healthcare documents

eBook - 3 Hurdles Affecting Your Claims CX Journey—and How to Overcome Them

Learn how to ensure your claims communications are consistent, timely, and highly personalized in order to differentiate your insurance organization in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Put your content authors in control for greater agility.

Agility is key for insurers to make changes quickly in response to major events (such as weather), policy changes, regulatory changes, etc. While legacy CCM solutions require IT to make updates to communications, Messagepoint provides advanced capabilities that make it easy for marketers, customer experience teams, and claims teams to create and modify communications—cutting out the middle person and speeding time to market.

Get to digital faster.

Meeting customer needs means being able to communicate with them through the channels they want. Today, more than ever that often means digital. Messagepoint makes it easy to not only clean up and migrate legacy print communications, but we enable insurers to manage print and digital (email, SMS) communications all in one place, sharing content and branding across the channels where appropriate for greater efficiency. The best part is we can make it easy to ensure your customers receive communications through the channel of their choice.

Target customers for cross-selling and up-selling.

Leveraging natural language rules, Messagepoint makes it fast and easy for you to target groups of customers with new communications and promotions that speak to their profiles, preferences and needs.

Cut the cost and time to manage policy and other complex documents.

Messagepoint provides intelligent content management that enables policy manages to centrally manage and directly update content. This not only speeds up change management cycles dramatically, it reduces the cost of leveraging technical resources to do the work. In addition, intelligent content sharing and template variation management can make it more efficient to assemble welcome kits and other complex packages that truly speak to the customers needs and requirements, cutting response times and eliminating the manual work.

Streamline communications management.

Imagine going from managing 90 email templates to 1 for a library of claims correspondence. Each of those 90 emails still exist and contain their own unique content, but they take advantage of a master template that shares its structure, common text, and graphics with its variants. These patent-pending capabilities not only make it incredibly easy to update the content in those communications, this structure makes it fast and easy to create new communications as well—accelerating time to market.

Empower customer service reps and agents with access to approved communications.

Give your front-line teams access to approved, standardized customer communications to ensure brand and message consistency while enabling faster responses to customer interactions. Through a controlled editing experience, your CSRs can personalize the message, delivering that extra touch when it really counts.

Insurance Insurance Insurance

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