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Take Back Control to accelerate and modernize Borrower Communications

Many mortgage servicers and sub-servicers struggle with slow authoring, review, and change cycles as a result of not having modernized borrower communications management processes. This is especially true when teams are heavily reliant on third-party service providers and printers to manage much of the process and as a result are often left waiting inline behind bigger clients to get their work completed. As digital channels get added into the mix, the complexity only grows.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Reduce cycle time and costs by streamlining processes for updating and creating new correspondence
  • Control review cycles and approvals with full change tracking, versioning and audit processes
  • Eliminate operational silos between print and digital communications to ensure efficiency and consistency across channels
  • Improve the borrower experiences by controlling the reading comprehension and sentiment of your communications

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