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Spring 2016 brings a new Messagepoint release

BY Chris Miller

Well, the first release of for 2016 is officially in customers’ hands.  Even though it’s become rather routine for us to release at the beginning of May and November each year, what never becomes routine is the sense of excitement and accomplishment of getting a release out the door that we’re proud of (shameless plug here – we also recently won the 2016 CODiE award for Best Multi-Channel Publishing Platform).   There are three things that make us most proud for any release

1) Making existing functionality better and easier for us

This one is key to our value proposition of making the complex simple. A good example in Spring 2016 is what we did to improve an awesome capability called Dynamic Content. This addictive concept lets our customers quickly and easily manage highly variable content as a single object. We’ve refined the edit experience so you now can step through and make changes without ever leaving the editing context. This a huge boon to our customers who at times have hundreds of variants within a single object. Saves mouse clicks, time, and makes for more productive, happier users.

2) Extending the platform in ways that customers demand as their system of record for Customer Communications Management

Once customers get the Messagepoint bug, they quickly see the platform as the central place to manage things they previously managed through complex spreadsheets. A great example of this in Spring 2016 is what we did in creating a Task object that can be customized to whatever your business needs require. Task Templates let you take our base Task system and extend the fabric without needing additional enhancements. Every customer is different, so we thought we’d just give them the flexible cloth to tailor it to their needs.

3) Setting the stage for future innovation

Our current multi-tenant cloud is insanely leading-edge in that it lets enterprise customers set up a multi-instance environment inside our cloud by mouseclick. With multiple instances, an “uber-instance” becomes important to let customers share common resources across instances – not just users, but also touchpoints and shared content, and frankly whatever needs arise in future. In Spring 2016, we laid the foundation for this “uber-instance” concept that will open the door for future innovations that will hopefully delight our clients and make their lives easier. Stay tuned on this one!

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