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RR Donnelley to Include Prinova’s Messagepoint in Digital Solutions Offering

BY Ed Worsfold

Customer Message Management Software Key Addition to Communication Suite

Toronto, Ontario, December 8, 2016 – Prinova Corp., a leader in developing and delivering innovative software and services within the Customer Communications Management market, today announced its flagship Messagepoint® customer message management platform will be a key component of the RR Donnelley Digital Solutions offering. RR Donnelley has been providing the Messagepoint solution to its customers as part of their custom communications solutions for more than five years, and as a result of its ongoing success with Messagepoint they are further integrating the product into their RRDigital offering.

The RRDigital solution set supports a true omni-channel strategy and focuses on providing customers with solutions that create digital relationships with their members and consumers. This focus allows customers to reduce costs, ensure compliance and increase consumer satisfaction. By offering Messagepoint, RR Donnelley enables customers to deliver highly personalized, targeted messaging and content across multiple channels without IT involvement; adding to improved processes, significant savings and greater choice for consumers. The flexibility of the solution lets customers make near real-time adjustments in message content to dramatically improve the effectiveness and impact of communications. For example, one customer reduced the cycle time for changes from 3 months to 2 days – inclusive of compliance and management approvals. The newly enhanced capability of a real-time environment further increases the value and leading edge services that RR Donnelley provides to its customers. Whether it’s one letter or 1,000 letters … real-time processing means the message gets in front of consumers quicker than ever before.

“We are excited to continue to broaden our global partnership with RR Donnelley, and for our Messagepoint platform to be an important part of their omni-channel messaging strategy,” says Nick Romano, CEO of Prinova. “Messagepoint provides RR Donnelley’s customers access to an award-winning, highly collaborative hybrid-cloud based solution to solve their customer communications requirements and improve the overall customer experience.”

“Messagepoint has been a significant addition to the RRD Business Communication Services suite of collaborative tools, enabling our client’s business users to create, manage, and deliver personalized messages and content across all of their distribution channels for several years,” said Tim Reedy, Senior Vice President at RR Donnelley. “We look forward to providing even more functionality through the Messagepoint customer message management software, in conjunction with our RRDigital solutions, as we continue to add value to the mission critical communications we produce.”

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