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Customer Stories

Reducing cost and complexity of printed welcome kits for a leading healthcare insurer

Challenge:  Big up-front investment

A leading healthcare insurance provider was looking to streamline the creation of a personalized welcome kit for health plan members. This involved selecting from among hundreds of static documents to assemble a kit tailored to each new member’s plan selections—a complex task. The insurer had already decided to use a customer communications management (CCM) solution offered by its printing partner, which required significant up-front development costs. After seeing a demo of Messagepoint, however, they changed their plans.

Solution:  Cloud-based efficiency

Messagepoint dramatically simplifies the process of creating complex communications packages like welcome kits, while minimizing up-front investment as a cloud-based SaaS solution. Based on each member’s plan profile, the appropriate content is now automatically assembled from more than 600 documents stored in the centralized Messagepoint content library. Using Messagepoint, the user is able to assemble the correct content into perfect-bound book personalized for each member and generate a PDF proof. Documents are then reviewed and approved in Messagepoint before being released to the printer’s composition engine for production. Most importantly, the insurance company’s member enrollment team manages every step in the process—with no IT involvement to slow things down.

Keeping documents up to date is also easy. Using Messagepoint’s SmartText capabilities, users are able to create a single block of content, such as state regulatory verbiage, and share that content across documents. This enables authors to create content once and centrally manage it, ensuring all pieces that contain the content automatically reflects the change across all documents. This saves time and helps avoid errors that could cause a compliance issue.

Based on this initial success, the insurance company has taken the next step, replacing the perfect-bound book with a printed booklet. This change, which dramatically reduces production and postage costs, is possible thanks to Messagepoint’s automated content management capability, making it easy to migrate to a new format and design.

Impact:  $500,000 savings in the first year

By going with Messagepoint’s SaaS solution, the insurance company saved $500,000 by avoiding high initial development costs and by eliminating IT involvement in day-to-day processes.

The process of creating, proofing and producing personalized welcome kits is now accomplished in days instead of weeks. Once content is approved, a finished booklet can be printed and ready to send within hours, improving member service and responsiveness. And the new booklet format made possible by Messagepoint is less costly to mail, generating additional savings.


Messagepoint enabled the company to save $500,000 in avoided development costs and ongoing efficiencies.



  • $500,000 savings in upfront and ongoing costs
  • Eliminated reliance on IT to compose welcome kits
  • Reduced mailing costs due to a new form factor
  • Producing personalized welcome kits now takes days instead of weeks


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