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Messagepoint Earns Recognition as a Leader in Customer Communications Management

BY Ed Worsfold

To access an excerpt of the Celent – CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition, click here

To access a knowledge brief from the Spark Matrix for Customer Communications Management 2024 report, click here

To access an except from the 2022 IDC MarketScape for CCM, click here

To access the 2023, Aspire CCM Leaderboard, click here

What’s behind the recognition?

Messagepoint’s corporate culture is centered on innovation. From inception, our organization has focused on providing customers with better ways of creating and managing their content and communications to enable both increased efficiency and better customer experiences.

It began with the development of our intelligent, cloud-based content hub that provided business teams with the means to directly manage content vs. relying on IT resources. The hub is the heart of our platform and it uniquely enables organizations to manage their content in a modularized way, abstracted from the document, the Web page, the mobile app or email it is going to be used in. This is critically important because this modularity enables organizations to efficiently manage variations, personalization and content reuse across communications and channels.

Messagepoint also offers headless APIs that enable personalized modular content to be pushed to mobile apps, Web pages, etc. in response to API calls to support dynamic digital experiences. This enables organizations to eliminate maintaining the same content, and rules in multiple systems to create cohesive consistent customer experiences across channels. Finally, Messagepoint’s AI-powered content optimization and migration capabilities, available in Rationalizer, allow businesses to optimize their content for maximum impact, while also ensuring a smooth transition during migration to the new platform.

Some recent analyst reports of note:

Celent – CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition

In the recent Celent –  CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition report, Messagepoint was selected as a Luminary.  Within the full report, Celent provided an overview of 13 different customer communications management (CCM) solutions available to organizations in the insurance industry, evaluating each on the sophistication and breadth of their technology.

As a Luminary, the Messagepoint platform earned the highest degree of recognition in both sophistication and breadth of its technology.

“We are delighted to acknowledge Messagepoint as a Luminary in the Celent Technical Capabilities Matrix, as highlighted in our “CCM Solutions: Global Insurance Edition” report. In our analysis, Messagepoint stood out as a solution that excelled not only in terms of technology, but also in its extensive breadth of functionality, leading Celent to recognize it as a Luminary. We are excited to see CCM solution providers enabling insurers to streamline their communication processes and drive meaningful customer engagement.”

Fabio Sarrico, Analyst, Celent

Spark Matrix for Customer Communication Management 2023

In the latest Spark Matrix for Customer Communications Management, 2023 by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, Messagepoint was recognized as the technology leader in the  CCM market. Messagepoint and other CCM vendors were evaluated on two key criteria – technology excellence and customer impact. Messagepoint was commended for its innovative approach to CCM, it’s comprehensive capabilities, scalability, roadmap and vision. This recognition is a testament to Messagepoint’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s businesses.

“Messagepoint’s innovative use of AI-powered content intelligence through MARCIE sets a new standard in the CCM space, enabling organizations to streamline content management, migration and optimization processes with unprecedented efficiency. By offering modular content management, personalized content distribution and intelligent Assisted Authoring capabilities, Messagepoint empowers businesses to deliver highly personalized, compliant and engaging customer communications across diverse channels. Having a robust technology roadmap emphasizing continued AI advancements and business user empowerment, Messagepoint is well positioned to compete alongside other leading industry players in revolutionizing customer communication practices worldwide.”

Saurabh Raj, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions


IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Customer Communications Management 2022 Vendor Assessment

Another notable recognition for Messagepoint is its positioning as a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Customer Communications Management 2022 Vendor Assessment. The IDC MarketScape report evaluated Messagepoint and 13 other CCM cloud software providers based on their ability to deliver flexible and scalable solutions that enhance customer engagement. As per IDC, some of Messagepoint’s strengths included its authoring environment, AI-powered content intelligence engine, as well as it’s headless and API capabilities.

“Enterprise or midmarket organizations across North America or Western Europe, seeking a SaaS CCM solution for modernizing communication services, or augmenting their existing CCM application, should consider Messagepoint. Forward-thinking organizations that embrace AI-enabled tools for content optimization may realize benefits with Messagepoint.”

Marci Maddox, IDC


2023 Aspire CCM-CXM Technology Vendors Leaderboard

In the 2023 Aspire CCM-CXM Technology Vendors Leaderboard, Messagepoint was recognized as a leader in the CCM market. The Aspire Leaderboard assesses the capabilities of CCM vendors to help customers deliver outstanding customer experience across multiple channels. Messagepoint’s strong position in the leaderboard is attributed to its capabilities including its innovative approach to managing complex content at scale, its ability to empower business users to own and control customer communications, powerful content variation capabilities, and intelligent orchestration of content across channels.

“Messagepoint is ideal for enterprises that need to manage complex, regulatory content at scale and want to minimize cycle times, reduce high template inventories, and empower business users to own and control customer communications. Messagepoint is especially powerful in scenarios where content needs to be populated across multiple, cascading templates, and/or where content varies widely, as it does when sending mandated communications.”

Kaspar Roos, Aspire

A focus on the customer

Messagepoint’s most recent recognition as a leader in the CCM market is a testament to its commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. As customer expectations continue to evolve, companies must remain agile and attentive to their needs. By leveraging Messagepoint’s CCM solutions, businesses can deliver personalized messaging that enhances customer engagement and drives revenue growth. So, if you want to improve your customer communications, you should consider partnering with Messagepoint, a trusted name in the field of CCM.


Other recent awards


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