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Customer Stories

How one leading healthcare insurer saved millions while improving compliance

Challenge: Cumbersome, error-prone process

One of America’s leading healthcare insurance and services companies was spending too much time and money producing enrollment materials for its thousands of supplemental insurance subscribers. To assemble the packages, which consisted of folders filled with a thick sheaf of product-specific onboarding materials, the policy administration team was using its LifePRO® policy administration platform together with an Oracle™ database for customer information. The process was complex and labor-intensive, requiring manual collation taking weeks to complete. The resulting materials were a hodge-podge, with inconsistent branding.

It was also prone to errors, leading to frequent violations of state and federal disclosure rules, and associated fines. These errors also impacted the customer experience, with subscribers often receiving inaccurate information or the wrong materials. What’s more, the resulting folders were bulky and expensive to mail. Worse yet, due to delays in production, the company often had to overnight the materials to conform to state-mandated timelines, adding $10 or more to the package cost. The company needed a new approach to customer communications management (CCM) that would reduce costs, while increasing speed, quality and accuracy. They chose Messagepoint to solve their CCM problems.

Solution: Intelligent automation

With Messagepoint, manual processes are eliminated— and so is dependence on IT. The policy administration team can now access the correct content from the centralized, cloud-based Messagepoint content management system and create tailored enrollment packages on their own, based on each recipient’s profile, including the state they live in. Reviewers then access the documents in Messagepoint to verify accuracy and compliance, quickly and easily. Documents are then sent to the company’s OpenText™ Exstream™ composition engine at its central printing plant for production.

When changes are required due to evolving regulations or policy changes, the company’s policy administration team simply updates the relevant content in Messagepoint and these changes are automatically cascaded throughout all related documents. This saves untold hours of manual editing and dramatically reduces the risk of errors, helping ensure compliance.

While Messagepoint’s hybrid-cloud-based, SaaS environment enables seamless collaboration among all business stakeholders, it also protects the security of customers’ personal information. All customer data, including protected health information (PHI), remains behind the company’s firewall, supporting HIPAA compliance. Finally, Messagepoint enables the policy administration team to achieve a level of brand consistency and compliance that was impossible to achieve with their old process.

Impact: Millions saved, improved CX

Messagepoint has transformed the process of creating and producing the company’s supplemental insurance enrollment materials—improving turnaround time by 76% and saving more than $2 million annually by:

  • Eliminating manual collation and QA processes, reducing labor requirements
  • Making regulatory fines a thing of the past by ensuring members receive the correct content
  • Reducing postage costs by moving from its cumbersome folder format to a booklet—only achievable due to Messagepoint’s content management

The company’s accounting department is thrilled with these results—and so are its subscribers. Since adopting Messagepoint, call center volume is down significantly due to improved accuracy and timeliness of information.

The company has saved upwards of $3 million annually due to increased efficiency and reduced regulatory fines


  • Dramatically reduced errors and associated compliance costs
  • Reduced labor costs while significantly accelerating turnaround time
  • Minimized mailing costs due to a new form factor
  • Reduced call center volume through improved customer experience
  • Messagepoint streamlined the creation and production of enrollment materials, improving turnaround time by 76% and generating cost savings of more than $2 million annually

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