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How a leading Medicare Advantage Organization automated their marketing material creation for dramatic improvements in speed, cost, and accuracy

A leading non-profit MAO—providing health coverage to 1.2 million members and drawing on a network of 500,000 providers and 5,000 hospitals—wanted to scale their operations to capture more of the Medicare Advantage market. To support this goal, they outsourced the annual preparation of their Medicare marketing materials to a third-party vendor. Preparing these materials in-house had been challenging and it was hoped the new vendor could better manage the process. The MAOs Correspondence and Fulfillment Operations (CFO) team was responsible for overseeing the document preparation process and managing the third-party contractor.

Challenge: Outsourcing fails to alleviate the document change burden

After working with the third-party vendor for several years, it became evident they too had some fundamental document change management issues.

Solution: Automation is the key to success

When a new Lead Document Preparation Analyst joined the CFO team, she quickly sought to resolve the issues the team was facing. She turned to Messagepoint to improve their accuracy and streamline their processes.

Impact:  Transformation and modernization delivers results

Messagepoint has helped this MAO bring an unwieldy, slow, and error-prone process under control. By leveraging automation to eliminate manual work, it has enabled them to deliver their marketing materials on time and lightened what was formerly a heavy burden on staff.  In the years ahead, this MAO plans to transition more and more plans from the third-party vendor into Messagepoint. As each additional plan is brought into the solution, the burden on staff will further decrease and savings accumulate.

In addition, translations will be a growing requirement to address in the years ahead. The MAO has almost reached the language thresholds defined by CMS, and Messagepoint’s ability to create touchpoints in various languages will save them significant translation costs.


Time and effort was reduced by 70%.



  • Plans were delivered to production on time
  • Time and effort was reduced by 70%
  • There were no errata or remediation events
  • With plans delivered on time, they were in a position to take advantage of bulk mailing and avoid first-class postage costs
  • By automatically tagging content and validating marketing materials that were machine-readable and 508 compliant, they avoided the cost of outsourcing this to an external vendor


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