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Design is a Beautiful Thing

BY Cyril Philpose

Hi, my name is Cyril Philipose and I’ve been the Senior Designer in the Customer Communications Management Services team at Prinova for over 7 years now.

Someone recently asked me what type of design I do most. When I responded with “bills and statements,” I got the awkward pause and then a humorously, truthful response: “You mean somebody actually designs that stuff? Wow.”

I realized later that this is one of the main reasons I love my work. I’m oddly passionate about things that most people don’t pay much attention to, but really need. Reports, bills, forms and other compliance documentation need attention. You’re right! They need a champion and a voice and it’s a blatant truth that most organizations still ignore these valuable touchpoints. So this is my purpose.

My role as an information designer is to elevate that experience. While it’s true that the end goal of a compliance document is to convey a very specific message, what if you could transform your touchpoint into something more? Something of value, with a positive experience? Something more engaging that you can use to expand your business and support your brand? It is possible and finding the creative answers to these questions is what drives me.

I love the blank canvas and I appreciate the constraints. I have a strange affection for the fine nuances of typography, hierarchy development, white space integration, the judicious application of color and trying to come up with something innovative within the constraints of a highly technical environment. That sweet spot where the creative and technical are perfectly balanced is my masterpiece – a beautiful thing.

These days, it’s getting even better. As we develop Messagepoint further, I’m getting more and more opportunities to develop integrated creative that moves into the realm of email, web and even mobile presentment. That’s a dream for my breed, and can’t wait to see the opportunities that unfold from here.

In the coming blog posts, I’d love to get into the nitty-gritty on some of my tactics and best practices in information and multichannel design. Hopefully this forum will be the start of some good conversation going forward!

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