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Customer Stories

How a leading customer communications service provider accelerated processes and reduced costs with Messagepoint

Challenge: Glacial document change process

A major UK customer communications service provider was feeling pressure from clients who wanted greater control and efficiency in managing routine changes to their printed and electronic communications. For one of its largest clients, a global insurance carrier offering white label products to UK financial services companies, even a simple change to a telephone number, signature or logo took months to complete. The insurer’s complex collection of software and systems—and its reliance on IT—created enormous bottlenecks when modifying, proofing and testing modified communications to support its auto, home, and other personal insurance lines. This limited their ability to deliver millions of properly branded communications to its customers’ employees on a timely basis.

To solve the problem, the customer communications service provider looked at available automation products, but wanted a solution that would integrate with their existing composition engine, OpenText™ Exstream™.

They chose Messagepoint.

Solution: Handing control to clients

The insurer now has a small, in-house team of configuration analysts who create documents using pre-built templates that are readily accessed and modified using Messagepoint’s easy-to-use, cloud-based content management platform. They can quickly build documents with the correct customer branding, drawing on the company’s asset management repository that is seamlessly integrated with Messagepoint. When content
changes are made, Messagepoint automatically populates the change across all related documents, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual update processes.

The insurer is also using Messagepoint Connected to improve its Call Center operations. Previously, Call Center staff responded to customer inquiries using standard letters that they modified manually in Microsoft Word. Not only was this cumbersome, but there was no central archive of communications. With Messagepoint Connected, Call Center staff simply select the correct document template from the centralized Messagepoint library, modify and brand as needed, and immediately generate a proof to speed approval and accelerate customer response. Customer data is automatically acquired from the Call Center’s CRM system, eliminating manual entry. In addition, Messagepoint now provides a centralized archive of all Call Center communications for easy reference. As a cloud-based, SaaS solution, Messagepoint eliminates the cost and complexity of the insurer’s legacy on-premise systems and enables users to work from anywhere—whether in the UK headquarters or in its rapidly expanding operations in India. However, all personal customer information is safe and sound, stored in the service provider’s secure database. Personal data is merged with the formatted documents created in Messagepoint in the service provider’s data center, behind its firewall, prior to being sent to the OpenText™ Exstream™ composition engine.


Impact: Faster response, smaller staff

Using Messagepoint, the insurer now produces new or modified communications in just two weeks—shaving months off the process and speeding the growth of their business. The entire process is now managed by just three configuration analysts, with no IT involvement, vastly improving control and business agility. Messagepoint Connected has dramatically improved Call Center responsiveness, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

The customer communications service provider has also benefited by minimizing the time-consuming tasks of making small changes to documents, which are now handled by their client. Messagepoint preserves their investment in OpenText™ Exstream™ while maintaining the flexibility to integrate with other leading composition engines, including Quadient®, keeping their future options open while maintaining a consistent, easy-to-use Messagepoint front end for their clients.

Based on the results achieved with its insurance client, the service provider is looking to roll out Messagepoint to its other clients seeking to accelerate processes, reduce costs, and improve their communications quality and consistency.

The company can now release new customer communications every two weeks instead of quarterly, driving their business growth.


• Reduced production time from three months to two weeks
• Put clients in control of content and eliminated reliance on IT
• Simplified creation of branded communications
• Improved call center responsiveness and efficiency

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