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Customer Stories

How The Co-operators modernized policy communications to elevate the client experience

As a leading multi-product insurance and financial services organization serving nearly 5.3 million members, for The Co-operators, an enterprise-wide client communications messaging solution was essential. This is what prompted the organization to embark upon its journey to search for a leading customer communications management (CCM) technology platform that would assist in improving its client communications across its entire group of companies.

Challenge: Legacy systems and inconsistencies across business units

The Co-operators had a client communications infrastructure that included multiple systems and third-party composition products. And, as a result, the presentation of client communications was inconsistent across The Co-operators group of companies—and within different business units.

In order to rectify this, The Co-operators needed an enterprise-wide solution to deploy client communications messaging, with a focus on providing exceptional interactions and improved customer experiences for its Canadian insurance clients. What’s more, they also needed a solution that was easy to use, and that allowed changes to be made efficiently by Client Services on the fly—without burdening IT resources.

Solution: An integrated-approach methodology

The Co-operators required a solution with content management technology, content authoring, workflows, approvals, tracking document changes, and multiple language support to enable their business users to make changes to client-facing documents with minimal technical IT involvement.

To do this, The Co-operators partnered with Messagepoint to help with their transformational client communications initiative by leveraging its cloud-based software platform and integrated approach methodology.

With Messagepoint’s assistance, The Co-operators was able to standardize and eliminate redundant information on documents across lines of business to clarify corporate messaging and enable template-driven variations. They were also able to increase flexibility for managing change by putting messaging content into Messagepoint to allow rapid implementation of business changes.

“Being able to leverage the Messagepoint platform allows us to standardize and improve how client documents are created, maintained and delivered to our clients.”

– Laurieann Miller, Director of Client Services, The Co-operators

Impact: Employees empowered to create and change documents on the fly

Messagepoint’s hybrid-cloud Customer Communications Management platform is now being utilized by the Client Services team to author and control policy and letter content and rules. This enables employees to create and change documents directly, improving time-to-market for communicating with clients without burdening other departments.

The Messagepoint platform also facilitates the business-controlled customization of document templates with relevant, targeted and personalized data—a critical component to delivering the kinds of elevated customer experiences The Co-operators want.


  • Users now have full control over client communications to ensure consistency across all business units
  • Client Services is able to make changes without the use of IT resources
  • New dynamic templates mean that redundant information across lines of business have been eliminated

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