Production Partners

Production Partners leverage Messagepoint to deliver services to customers that enable their clients to quickly and easily create, target, and manage their customer-focused communications without involving IT.  These partners:

  • Create, update and manage materials for their clients in a managed service model, while still providing proofing and approvals from the client
  • Set up templates and manage print services while enabling clients to self-manage their content and rules

Channel Partners

Our Channel Partners resell Messagepoint to enable their customers to deliver optimized customer experiences through optimized communications.

Delivery Partners

Messagepoint Delivery Partners provide the services necessary for a successful implementation of Messagepoint. From startup to on-going touchpoint development and management, these expertly trained and certified partners can help you in all aspects of a Messagepoint project.

Technology Partners

Messagepoint integrates with a variety of technology solutions to enable organizations to leverage existing investments for composition, email, messaging and customer management.