With Messagepoint, you can offer your customers a way to quickly and easily create, target, and manage their customer-focused communications without involving IT.

The MP Production Partner Program provides two options for you to free up your IT resources and improve your customers’ experience:

  1. The Downstream Customers model allows your customers to self-manage their content and rules.
  2. The Managed Services model allows your team to manage content on their behalf while still providing proofing and approvals from the customer.

Messagepoint Production Partners

Why be a Messagepoint Production Partners

Pricing options specifically designed for your environment

The program provides pricing options for small to large providers that will meet your specific needs and minimize your costs.

Manage all content for cross-channel communications

Your customers can manage content for their customer communications across any channel, including print, web, email and SMS, from a single cloud-based platform.

Accuracy, faster time-to-market and full compliance

Your customers can proof and test their content before it goes into production. A full trackable audit ensures you know exactly who made what changes, when and why they made it, which eliminates finger pointing. You can reduce the cost of Change Management and improve time-to-market with our easy-to-use, audited process.