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What’s coming in the Messagepoint winter 2014 release

Messagepoint  – Winter Release 2014

What’s coming in Messagepoint’s upcoming release (affectionately known as R2 -2014, as one of the two major releases we do each year).  We continue to bang the drum of ease-of-use and time to value in our Messagepoint product roadmap, and the Winter 2014 release is no different. Our customers continue to push the envelope of sophistication and complexity in their customer communications which begs the need for my team to respond with the right set of tools to make the experience as easy and as painless as possible.

Uplifting the Editing Experience

[one_half]Uplifting the Editing Experience[/one_half]

[one_half]Uplifting the Editing Experience2[/one_half]

What it is: The text editors throughout the application have been updated with a new modernized toolbar and a larger editing canvas.  Need something even larger to stay in context? Just click a button to expand the editor.

Benefits: Not only does it look better, even more friendly, but for minimal scrolling will be required, even with larger, multi-paragraph content.


Dynamic Hyperlinked Images for Email and Web touchpoints

Dynamic Hyperlinked Images for Email and Web touchpoints

What is it:  Images can not only be hyperlinked, but  now dynamic ones can be used that direct individual recipients to targeted URLs using embedded Smart Text objects or even personalized landing pages using variables, such as first and last name.

Benefits: Another level of personalization that lets you vary the call to action in your emails to more targeted web destinations.


Support for Embedded Web Objects

Support for Embedded Web ObjectsWhat it is: A new embed content zone lets you place embedded content such as video links into your email and web content.

Benefits: Enhance your customer’s digital experience through targeted rich content such as product or corporate videos stored in Youtube, Vimeo, or Vidyard – or other dynamic, rich content such as Prezi.  More engaging content means improved click through rates and impressions.

Free Form Content (using HP Exstream DXF)

Free Form Content using HP Exstream DXFWhat it is: Free form content allows users to quickly create touchpoints on the fly with minimal to no additional HP Exstream programming.  It provides users with a OneNote-like experience of adding images, text, and tables to a unified touchpoint “canvas”. This free form placement and movement of content on the page is ideal for ad hoc letters and post cards-style communications.

Benefits: Create ad hoc communications on-the-fly with greater business user control over content placement and layout.

Bulk Content Upload for Dynamic Images and Smart Text

Bulk Content Upload for Dynamic Images and Smart TextWhat it is: Uploading many tens or hundreds of variations to your dynamic Smart Text and Images is quick and easy using our new bulk upload capabilities

Benefits: Significantly reduce the amount of effort and time required to construct large Dynamic Smart Texts and Images. Also, the new ability to export variation structures makes reviewing and adding additional variants and content a snap.


Test Data Anonymizer

Test Data AnonymizerWhat it is: Quickly and safely anonymize your customer data files the way you want and on-premise to use for testing in  This requires a Simulations license.

Benefits: Simplifies the challenge of generating secure and reliable test data by anonymizing real customer data (on your premises).


Support for Oracle Webcenter Sites (Fatwire)

Support for Oracle Webcenter SitesWhat it is: Integration support for Oracle WebCenter Sites as an external content management system (CMS) to provide image content.

Benefits: Users can securely integrate their external content repositories with Messagepoint for single-source control over digital images used in Messagepoint.


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