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Messagepoint 17.2 is here!

Like clockwork, we just hit another Messagepoint milestone. Each year, we deliver two major releases to our enterprise clients, and this is the second release of 2017.

What makes this release particularly special is that it was 5 years ago, almost to the day, that we released our first major user experience re-design. That re-design was our Rosetta Stone for visually unlocking the power of our approach to intelligently managing complex content, and making Messagepoint more accessible to users.

With this release (17.2), we did major renovations that refreshed, modernized and reinvigorated the user interface. While navigationally the same, the power of the new paint job (and the underlying renovation!) does wonders to the user experience.

We also expanded on powerful concepts for managing content over time with our versioning functionality.

Imagine if you could visually compare and sync between multiple versions of Microsoft Word docs, picking and packing preferred content blocks along the way?  You can do that with content managed in Messagepoint now. Only, on a scale that would blow Word out of the water. Pretty awesome stuff.

Digital touchpoints are becoming increasingly important to our clients, as they expand beyond the printed word. Our last release introduced the Omni-channel Touchpoint that can leverage the same messaging across delivery channels. Now we’ve added more to support responsive design and Inbox testing, which go hand-in-hand to ensure that the customer experience is consistent and positive regardless of channel or device form factor.

Testing is another important aspect in Messagepoint, as our users want to test and review changes to content that affect their client’s brand experience. We introduced Test Suites which simplifies and accelerates testing cycles, and we created a new Test Center for our Connected module.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. We also extended Messagepoint Composition, Rationalizer, Connected, as well as our core offering based on client demands for more, better, faster!

Finally, landing a release on schedule is something that has become somewhat routine, but still carries a thrill and just a little apprehension.  In the end, it takes an awesome team to bring the plane safely back down to the ground and up to the gate. Now it’s time for a little post-flight celebration, before we take off again on Monday!

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