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Happy Birthday,!

It’s been a year now since Messagepoint has been in the cloud.  Although just one year young in cloud years,  Messagepoint was already a mature application – battle-tested among its enterprise users and architecturally well-primed for SaaS deployment.  Nonetheless, being well-primed and cloud-ready are two different things.

Over the past year, has evolved tremendously.  Yes, as always, there were plenty of noticeable enhancements and improvements for users, but there was also a transformation in architecture to let it truly spread its wings.  Scale, security, and flexibility were all integral improvements that you don’t necessarily talk about in release notes, but are no less critical for customers and the business.

Many of the promises of SaaS, especially accelerated time-to-delivery for my R&D team through an intense focus on fewer moving parts – OSs, DBs, VMs, etc. – quickly became a  reality.  We’ve had 6 major and micro revisions of to date, as we accelerated the build-out of our cloud infrastructure.  We’re now settling down to 2 major releases a year, as we sync our cadence to a pace of change our customers prefer.

(By the way, we even wrote a “Happy Birthday App” using Messagepoint, which you can read more about here).

While there’s still plenty of work to do, has had an awesome first year in the cloud. As a present, it’s received its own website  It’s parents and caregivers remain extremely happy and proud!

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