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Welcome to the Prinova Blog

BY Chris Miller

I want to express a warm welcome to what I hope will be a loyal and interested readership of the Prinova Blog.   Over the coming weeks we will be introducing a number of new faces to you — the subject matter experts that live within the Prinova family and have 100s of years of collective experience in helping our customers communicate more effectively with the their customers.  We hope to regularly provoke thoughtful conversations about how organizations can improve their customer relationships, and to provide insights for the marketing and technology professionals that make customer communications happen.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself… My name is Mark Keating.  My role here at Prinova is the Vice President of Marketing.  In that role, I am tasked with ensuring that Prinova becomes a “household name” within the Customer Communications Management market — so that we can help more organizations do a better job of strengthening the relationships they have with their customers.  I will do so by leveraging both our best-in-class Professional Services offerings and our messagepoint platform.

My job in contributing to this blog is a bit different, though.  In my functional role as head of marketing, I could be as much a customer of our own technology and services as anyone else in marketing.  And as such, I have opinions about what I need to assist me in managing my customer communications,  what are the best practices, and how to evaluate potential vendors that exist to assist me.   I will be sharing these opinions on a regular basis, and hope others in the marketing community will help me become a better marketer by commenting on my posts.

My goal is to be as unbiased and objective in my posts and comments as possible.  I won’t be “selling” you anything! Having said that, you should always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Prinova, our Consulting Services or the Messagepoint platform. I am always pleased to have that discussion with anyone that will listen!

Thanks again for your time and attention.

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