Upcoming Webinar – Digital Transformation and CCM: How Intelligent Content Management Can Bring Legacy Content to Life

BY Ed Worsfold January 24, 2019

Content plays a crucial role in eliciting an emotional response from customers, which is essential to driving positive customer experiences. Yet, too often, as organizations pursue digital transformation strategies, they focus solely on the technical considerations surrounding the delivery channel and fail to invest appropriately in the transformation of their content. Join Patrick Kehoe, EVP of Product Management at Messagepoint, as he outlines the critical steps that organizations need to take in order to optimize content for hybrid communication models that span both print and new digital channels. In this webinar, Patrick will outline how to drive positive customer experiences by intelligently managing content for omni-channel communications. You’ll learn:

  • How to rethink your content for the optimal omni-channel experience
  • Key considerations when redesigning communications
  • How to clean up the content sitting in your legacy CCM system
  • How to drive brand and messaging consistency
  • How to efficiently manage and reuse content across various delivery channels and communications.

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About the Author

Ed Worsfold is the VP of Marketing with Messagepoint, and has been Marketing B2B - Enterprise software technologies for almost 20 years.

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